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Here’s Where You've Heard All The Voices In 'UglyDolls' Before

Updated April 22, 2019 3.5k views12 items

UglyDolls are not just a toy phenomenon; they're about to be the stars of a major motion picture. The cast of UglyDolls - set for release on May 3, 2019 - is an eclectic roster of names from across film, television, and music. So if you've wondered where you've heard their voices before, the answer just might be "everywhere." From the big screen to the small, from sold-out arenas to the standup circuit, this animated film brings together some of the most formidable talents - and distinctive voices - in show business.

From what we know, the movie follows Moxy and her Uglyville compatriots on a journey to the town of Perfection, where they get a taste of a very different kind of life. They butt heads with Lou, a meanie who disciplines new recruits in the art of perfection. But when Moxy and her friends get to know a lonely Perfection resident named Mandy, they learn there's a lot more to life than being perfect.

As for UglyDolls' voice cast, let's take a refresher course on where you might have heard - or seen - these performers before.