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All The Ways 'The Umbrella Academy' TV Show Is Different From The Comic

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The Umbrella Academy isn’t just the weirdest superhero show on Netflix, it’s the weirdest superhero show ever. There are time-traveling assassins, varying degrees of monkey men, and legit ghosts strewn throughout the show - and all of it’s set to one of the best soundtracks. The series is an adaptation of the comic book written by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, and as you might imagine, there are a few changes in this adaptation. 

Some of the differences between Umbrella Academy and the comic are major. A few characters have different powers and backstories, and there are a couple of characters who are especially made just for the series. Rather than taking the comic and ripping things out wholesale, the Netflix version of Umbrella Academy is essentially digging deeper into the comics. This makes for a complicated series that focuses more on the aspects of family and the loss of a parent than it does the way out wacky world that readers find in the graphic novels. 

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