Interesting Fan Theories About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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The Umbrella Academy became an instant fan-favorite when it first premiered. With interesting character dynamics, firm roots in pop culture, and intriguing storylines, it's so easy to see why. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding The Umbrella Academy.

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    After The Mirror In Season 3, Allison Is No Longer In Control

     After The Mirror In Season 3, Allison Is No Longer In Control
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    From Redditor u/The_Dire_Crow:

    I was thinking, when she used her power on herself, she said "I heard a rumor that you were happy". After that moment everything she did was uncontrollably to manipulate the world around her to eliminate anything that made her sad, or to obtain that which she subconsciously desires. Right now she's actively seeking happiness obsessively without restraint or logic. I think when she went to the mirror she had given up. She was incapable of making herself happy, so she forced herself to be, with her power and it's having disastrous results.

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    Allison Doesn't Need To Say "I Heard a Rumor"

    Allison Doesn't Need To Say "I Heard a Rumor"
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    From Redditor u/NukeTheWhalesPoster:

    TLDR: "I heard a rumor" is a tool to hold Allison back, not hone/assist/boost her power to compel.

    In Season 3's "Auf Wiedersehen," Sparrow-timeline Reginald Hargreeves (ST-Reginald) remarks to Klaus about how regrettable it is that the Reginald of the original timeline who raised Klaus (OTL-Reginald) failed to nurture his children's gifts and instead taught them to feel powerless. Whether the sentiment is genuine or not, the observation is accurate. OTL-Reginald's parenting methods were so counterproductive to raising powerful, well-adjusted children it was willful.

    I believe OTL-Reginald conditioned Allison to believe she needed to say "I heard a rumor," in childhood to keep her down. I know it has been presented as a power honing device, but there are conditions in which she did not need to say it. When she intervened in Harlan-Viktor's training session, she did not have to say it. Why? The circumstances of the situation were such that she overcame the conditioning.

    We see that needing to say "I heard a rumor..." is a liability. In Season 1, Viktor is able to telekinetically slit Allison's throat as she says "I heard a rumor..." prior to any sort of compelling. It gives any semi-knowledgeable opponent a head start on reacting. If OTL-Reginald and ST-Reginald had the same plan for the Oblivion Hotel, then why hold back one of the seven? Or why hold them back generally.

    Viktor's childhood habit of nanny manslaughter would be a motivation. If Allison's power is purely auditory, hearing I have a rumor would certainly give me time to activate some sort earplugs to keep this child from rumoring me to death for denying her candy. Eventually, original Ben died, Five disappeared, Viktor was depowered, and there were four left. You need seven for the platform. There was never any incentive to get her over the conditioning at that point.

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    Diego Subconsciously Uses His Powers To Re-Direct Bullets Away From Himself And His Siblings

    Diego Subconsciously Uses His Powers To Re-Direct Bullets Away From Himself And His Siblings
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    From Redditor u/reddituser36178:

    TL/DR: All the examples of blatantly terrible marksmanship by villains in the Umbrella Academy are actually Diego subconsciously using the application of his powers he discovers in Season Two to re-direct bullets away from himself and his siblings.

    All the instances of terrible marksmanship by villains in the Umbrella Academy are actually Diego subconsciously using his powers to re-direct bullets away from himself and his siblings

    There are multiple instances throughout the Umbrella Academy where villains display Stromtrooper-level marksmanship, completely failing to hit the heroes despite having a clear shot with semi-automatic weapons. It’s a common trope in action movies/shows, and, on first glance, the Umbrella Academy seems to have a bad case of it.

    However, what if all these instances are actually the character Diego Hargreeves using his powers to re-direct bullets away from himself and his siblings?

    In the Season Two finale, Diego discovers that his ability to curve projectiles he throws can actually be extended to any projectiles, and he uses this ability to stop a rain bullets in their path and re-direct them away from himself and Five. In the fight at the beginning of the season (which gets erased), we see him use the same power to curve bullets back to hit the soldiers who shot them. This ability is unknown to Diego prior to this, and it seems to have been triggered by stress/necessity.

    But, maybe he was using it subconsciously all throughout his life to protect himself and others. We know he had a career as a solo vigilante for years before the show began, and he managed to avoid getting killed despite only ever using knives as his preferred weapon of choice.

    On closer examination, all blatant examples of villains missing a clear shot at the main characters involve Diego as at least one of the intended targets. I have compiled a list below, but I may have missed some.

    1x03: Hazel and Cha-Cha attack the Umbrella Academy mansion. They encounter Diego first, and he is present the entire time they fail to hit any siblings. Notably, when they all split up, Cha Cha is the only one with a gun remaining, and she follows Diego and Allison.

    1x05: Hazel shoots at Diego out of a car at the motel, and he and Cha Cha both shoot at Klaus and Diego in the ice cream truck. Here Diego gets hit in the arm, but only as Klaus is pulling him away. Maybe he inadvertently distracted Diego’s subconscious power application.

    1x10: Commission agents shoot at the siblings in the bowling alley and in the Icarus theater. Diego is present with his siblings in both scenes. Five mentions that these agents are a significant threat, but they appear to have very bad marksmanship relative to that assessment, which could be an indicator of Diego’s intervention.

    2x01: The Swedes attack Diego and Lila in the asylum. Not only is Diego the primary target here, but so is Lila, who we later discover has the ability to mimic powers.

    2x10: This is the episode that spawned the theory, since this is when Diego unlocks the new application of his powers and directly stops and re-directs bullets. But, prior to this, the overwhelming number of Commission agents still fail to hit anyone across a completely open field. This could be because Diego had this ability all along but was only using it subconsciously. Near the end of the episode, all the siblings are gunned down by the Handler. When this happens, Diego is completely absorbed in a deep emotional appeal to Lila, so he was distracted from using his powers as he normally would.

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    The Entire Series Is A Giant Time Loop

    The Entire Series Is A Giant Time Loop
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    From Redditor u/CPStyxx:

    Now to be clear, I don't know if the loop is a perfect loop, in that everything happens the same way each iteration. Or if it's a general loop, where variations exist and iterations change slightly, but overall the same thing occurs each time.

    What tipped me off was Founder Five telling his younger self, "Don't save the universe". It felt weird and inconsistent with Five's character development, if founder five found a way to save the universe once and for all, it would be in his best interest to tell his younger self.

    Unless he never did find a way to save the universe.

    The big question during season 3 for me was, why would five found The Commission? He spent a good portion of season 2 dismantling and killing them. He's stated many times he hates The Commission and no one should believe he's lying.

    Well at the end of season 3, I think we find our answer. Hargreaves rewrites the whole of reality (presumably for the worse). He writes the umbrella academy out of existence; they no longer have superpowers. He rewrites Allison's past and present. And I assume, he writes The Commission out of existence, which will give Five the chance to refound it.

    Five never founds the Commission in base-UA reality, he does so in Hargreeves new reality and it carries over to the base reality (when it gets restored). I believe that, in order to fight or prevent Hargreeves from ever coming into power, Five will found a rebellion of some sort that works outside of time. This rebellion will eventually become the Commission as we saw it.

    I don't any other specific predictions or theories for what occurs in season 4. Whatever happens, the UA will defeat Hargreeves and Five's rebellion/commission will somehow fully reset reality to what it once was. This might include UA's memories and they go back reliving their lives as they had before the events of season 1.

    Five, however, goes forward with the commission with a new mission statement. To preserve the base reality timeline and ensure that Hargreeves never comes to power again and to stop the Umbrella Academy from saving the world. This might be the reason why the Commission endorses the end of the world as an acceptable version of the timeline; perhaps they see it as a mercy compared to a Hargreeves driven post apocalyptic nightmare dystopia. It also explains why the Umbrella Academy is naturally enemies with the Commission: UAs actions are what cause Hargreeves to arrive in power and they must be stopped at all costs.

    Of course, they are unsuccessful with this, as we already saw, and Founder Five at some point arrives at the terrible conclusion that his own actions has caused a terrible time loop to occur for all of eternity. Umbrella Academy will save the world, mess with timelines that cause other realities with different timelines, which then leads Hargreeves to come to power in a universe of his own, and the eventual rebirth of the Commission in that universe which reset events back to the start.

    This is why Founder Five tells his former self to just let the universe die. He's done saving the universe. He's realized that ending the world is literally the only way out of the loop. The only other option is go around and around the loop over and over again, causing ceaseless endless suffering and apocalypses and warring realities in the process.