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Season 2 Fan Theories About 'Umbrella Academy' 

Nathan Gibson
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Whenever a story-driven television show comes to a conclusion, fans are left wondering what will happen in the next season. When it comes to the latest hit Netflix original, people have already begun speculating about what might take place and how characters might develop in The Umbrella Academy Season 2. With the graphic novel series that the show is based on only slightly further ahead chronologically, it leaves viewers with little to go on other than what they have seen so far.

The complicated plot lines and ending didn’t make things much easier for those trying to make sense of what is likely to come in future episodes of the series. But that hasn't stopped viewers from coming up with The Umbrella Academy fan theories. The vast majority of them can be found on Reddit, where those who love the show have discussed all kinds of ideas that might take place in Season 2 and beyond.

Season 2 premiers July 31, 2020

Ben Will Be Alive
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From Redditor /u/Identity__Crysis:

Now at the end of the show we see more of Klaus's power than we have seen in all episodes combined, as he conjures up Ben... Now what I think Klaus did here was not only materialize Ben, but bring him back to life in this exact scene - in a dream sequence in episode 7, we see Klaus talking to the ghost of his father, and while he is shaving his beard off his son, he tells him he could never use more than a fraction of his powers...

I think Klaus's full powers are bringing people back [to life], instead of just talking to them.

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The Academy Will Search For The Other Children
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From Redditor /u/naryn:

On October 1, 1989, 43 women around the world give birth simultaneously, despite none of them showing any sign of pregnancy until labor began. Hargreeves got 7.

So what happened to the other 36?

What if the Umbrella Academy end[s] up going back to the '90s trying to find the other 36, maybe hoping one can help Vanya control her powers...

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The Characters Will Head To Dallas
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From Redditor /u/Tetrabud:

Would it be too obvious for them to go back to 1963 in Dallas, TX? They mention early on in this 1st season the "1963 incident" (I think it was Cha-Cha or Hazel who mentions it), and of course we know Number Five has unfinished business there. It was the last place he time traveled, and would probably be "easiest" for him to attempt to go back (bringing everyone along with him).

And of course the second graphic novel is titled "Dallas," and those of you that have read it know there's a ton of story that could still be told. The show runners plan to have 8 graphic novels and 8 Netflix seasons to go with it, so this makes sense to me.

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Ben Is Stuck Between The Real World And The Afterlife
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From Redditor /u/PandasOnGiraffes:

When Klaus [perishes] in Dallas, he comes back and says it's no problem when the Hargreeves children [lose their lives]. This could imply that Ben isn't [gone] yet, he's just stuck in between like Klaus was and has not been able to come back fully yet. This might also explain why he's easier to conjure than [anyone else] for Klaus and even when he's high.

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