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Unanswered Questions From 'Avengers: Infinity War'

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It didn't take long after the Avengers: Infinity War release for the internet to be filled with Easter eggs, fan theories, and breathless praise. Many people had unanswered questions about the 2018 Marvel movie. Every possible clue, hint, and red herring has been analyzed dozens of times across various social media platforms, but fans are still a little confused. Of course, that’s entirely by design; everyone is excited about Avengers: Infinity War Part 2.

Infinity War destroyed the box office when it was released in April 2018, and Avengers 4 has a May 2019 launch date. The 2019 film has its work cut out, though; superhero fans want to know what's really going on with the Marvel universe. 

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    Where Has Captain Marvel Been Hiding?

    Marvel Studios hints at a future film in Avengers: Infinity War’s post-credits scene. The clip features SHIELD’s Nick Fury and Maria Hill being turned to dust, along with half of sentient life in the universe. Fury sends out a distress signal from a device emblazoned with Captain Marvel’s logo, though. The cinematic company announced that Captain Marvel will be set in the ‘90s and feature younger versions of Fury, Phil Coulson, and others, raising the question of where the titular hero has been hiding in the interim. Fury’s distress signal shows that she’s not entirely out of reach, but she’ll need to have a convincing reason for avoiding all previous Earth-threatening incidents.

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    Why Won’t The Hulk Come Out?

    Other than a brief and surprisingly unsuccessful bout with Thanos at the beginning of the film, the Hulk is missing in action during the bulk of Infinity War. Bruce Banner attempts to bring out his green alter ego several times, but each time the Hulk refuses. Even mortal danger for Banner and a battle with Cull Obsidian isn’t enough to make the big guy come out swinging. But why?

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    What Are Hawkeye And Ant-Man Up To?

    Audiences certainly got answers to their questions about Hawkeye and Ant-Man’s absences from all Avengers: Infinity War marketing. They weren't in the film at all, but their whereabouts during the Thanos action are unknown. Dialogue during the movie mentions Clint Barton and Scott Lang taking “a deal” to exchange incarceration for house arrest. However, some fans expect a less mundane answer to the Hawkeye/Ant-Man mystery.

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    What Is The Fate Of Valkyrie, Korg, And Miek?

    Avengers: Infinity War begins with an attack from Thanos and his Black Order against the transient populace of Asgard. The film cuts right to the aftermath, in which Thor, Loki, the Hulk, and Heimdall appear to be the sole survivors of the battle. Based on the ending of Thor: Ragnarok, at least three other notable characters - Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek - were also onboard the arrogant god's ship at the time. There’s no sign of them or their remains in Infinity War, but it’s difficult to imagine how any of them could have escaped Thanos’s wrath.

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