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10 Unanswered Questions That Left Us Unsatisfied With The 'ATLA' Finale

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There is no doubt that the two part series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender delivered on so many levels–the final battle, the musical score, the final Agni Kai, the peaceful resolution. However, some sharp minds have pointed out a few puzzling occurences in the episodes that just won't stop lingering. Read on to discover some truly valid questions about the ATLA finale!

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    How Does Zuko Always Know Where To Go?

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    In the finale, how did Zuko know where to look for Jun to use the Nyla the Shirshu and track Aang? Also if, at the start of the finale, Sozin's Comet was only three days away–how did they find time to go to that bar from Ember Island, then to Ba Sing Se, and then to the base with the airship fleet?

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    Metal And Fire?

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    During the season finale–Sokka, Toph, and Suki invade and take over one of the Fire Nation airships. Toph uses metal armor to protect herself from the firebending, but isn't metal a top heat conductor? Shouldn't she have been burned? 

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    How Do Chakras Work?

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    In the final Avatar/Firelord battle, Aang crashed into a piece of rock directly on the fatal wound on his back. How did that work to start the Avatar state again? Guru Pathik said that Aang locked his chakras, so how could that action unlock his love chakra? 

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    Aang's Pacifist Nature

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    During Sozin's comet, Aang continously has doubts about killing Fire Lord Ozai. But he obviously damages the crew of Ozai's air ship when he maneauvers it into some huge rocks, as well as potentially drowning survivors by putting out the resulting fire with a big feat of waterbending?

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