13 Unanswered Questions From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is being hailed as a breath of fresh air for the beloved movies. But for all of its dazzling action sequences and unexpected jokes, there are still plenty of mysteries yet to be solved by the time the credits roll. Episode 9 will have to do a lot of work when it comes to giving fans satisfying answers to some of the biggest lingering questions of the Sequel Trilogy. There are a couple of things left over from The Force Awakens that viewers still don't know the answers to – some of which are pretty glaring holes in the story at this point. 

Maybe some of these unanswered questions will be addressed by the Expanded Universe of books and comics, but the bigger things will almost certainly have to wait until the final installment. J.J. Abrams, who is returning to direct Episode 9, will have the chance to close out the story he began in 2015, but it won't be an easy task now that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has added so many new twists and turns. Hopefully, Abrams will be up to the task and give us the resolution viewers deserve.

From Snoke's true identity to Rey's still-murky abilities, here are all the things that don't make sense in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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    Who Is Snoke?

    Despite being built up as the big bad of the Sequel Trilogy, viewers know very little about Supreme Leader Snoke. In The Force Awakens, he's clearly meant to be an analog for Emperor Palpatine. The Last Jedi shows the villain in the flesh and reveals just how strong he is in the dark side of the Force.

    But before anything is really revealed about him or his motivations, Kylo Ren cuts him in half with Luke's lightsaber. It's a pretty anticlimactic end for the mysterious villain.

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    How Will Leia Make Her Exit?

    When Carrie Fisher passed away in late 2016, many fans were left wondering how The Last Jedi would be changed to reflect her death. Would Leia be killed off? Would she simply retire? While the movie tricks viewers into thinking Leia is killed during the Resistance evacuation of D'Qar, she's very much alive by the end of the movie and ready to continue fighting. So how will Episode 9 handle Leia's absence?

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    Who Are The Knights Of Ren?

    At first, the Knights of Ren seem like the Sequel Trilogy's version of the Sith. Kylo Ren, the strongest of all the Knights, is the leader of this order of dark side users. Together, they destroy Luke's Jedi Order.

    But by the time The Force Awakens comes along, the Knights of Ren are nowhere to be found, except in Rey's vision. It's never explained where the rest of Kylo's order has gone, and The Last Jedi doesn't address this mystery further.

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    What Do Rey's Visions In The Dark Side Cave Mean?

    Rey enters the dark side cave on Ahch-To hoping to learn the truth about her parents and her role in the story. When she asks the mysterious Force mirror who her parents are, the mirror simply shows Rey her own reflection.

    What does this mean? The answer is undoubtedly out there, but not in The Last Jedi.

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    How Did Maz Kanata Acquire Luke's Lightsaber?

    In The Force Awakens, it's revealed that Maz Kanata acquired Luke's first lightsaber – the same one that belonged to Anakin before he fell to the dark side – despite it being lost on Bespin. When Han asks how Maz how she found the lightsaber, the pirate queen doesn't offer up an explanation, saying it's a story for another time.

    The Last Jedi seemed like the time to tell that story, but Maz only appears for a brief cameo that doesn't reveal anything about the lightsaber's mysterious reemergence.

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    Did Luke Turn Into A Force Ghost?

    Luke dies at the end of The Last Jedi, but not in the way most people do. After his trick on Crait, Luke stares up at twin suns on Ahch-To and then vanishes – much in the same way Ben Kenobi and Yoda did before him.

    When a Jedi's physical form disappears at the time of his or her death, that usually means that he/she will reemerge as a Force ghost. It remains to be seen if this is what's going to happen with Luke, who promises Kylo Ren that he'll see him around...

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