Weirdly Interesting The Most Unbelievable Attractions At The Creation Museum  

Cheryl Adams Richkoff
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Located in rural Kentucky is a most interesting and controversial museum called the Creation Museum. It was founded by Young Earth supporter and Evangelical minister Ken Hamm. If you've ever visited a natural history museum, you'll find the Creation Museum quite different from that experience – in fact, you'll see the some of the most unbelievable attractions at the Creation Museum. The museum is designed to encourage the Evangelical faithful to accept the Bible in the most literal sense without involving science, as a majority of Christian institutions do not support the notable creationist beliefs.

Creationists use the museum both explicitly and implicitly as a medium to try to convert and convince those who believe in the theory of evolution. It is one of the best museums in the world to visit, as it is guaranteed to shock you, make you laugh, or even upset you. Take a look below and vote up the craziest things the museum displays as truth, from how the Earth was formed to how dinosaurs were man's best friend. 

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Velociraptors Were Cuddly Vegetarians Before Original Sin

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Photo:  David Berkowitz/Flickr

One of the first things visitors see upon entering the Creation Museum is an exhibit of a happy, prehistorical child playing next to a velociraptor dinosaur. In traditional science, the fossil record clearly points to such dinosaurs as not only predatory meat-eaters, but also as predators of a particularly vicious nature that were built for strength and speed.

However, according to the Creation Museum, this is not the case. Prior to the Edenic "Fall" of the first humans (Adam and Eve), dinosaurs were cute and cuddly vegetarians. Even the raptors. Thus, they were the perfect pet for children. Then along came that apple and original sin, which ruined everything. 

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The Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old

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Photo: NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

According to the Creation Museum and a number of Christian Evangelicals, planet Earth and the rest of the universe are actually only about 6,000 years old. They make this claim based on verses from the Christian Bible. There is even a philosophical school of thought called "Young Earth." Again, supporters of that school dismiss carbon dating and actual historical evidence of human civilizations in existence prior to 4,000 BCE. The museum claims that each year, more professional paleontologists join their numbers in supporting the Young Earth theory. 

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Humans And Dinosaurs Lived Happily Together

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Photo:  Acdixon/Wikimedia Commons

According to Creation Museum director and founder Ken Hamm, dinosaurs and people co-existed happily. He claims that fossil records and carbon dating present poor evidence to support that dinosaurs lived and became extinct long before homo sapiens ruled the Earth. The museum features a number of exhibits showing humans and dinosaurs getting along quite well, cooperating together at work and at home. Some displays even show dinosaurs with saddles and riders.

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Teaching Science Has Pretty Much Turned The World Into A Hell Hole

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Photo: FlyDime/Wikimedia Commons

Not all the exhibits at the Creation Museum are about how the world came into existence and how humans became best friends with dinosaurs. There is a series of exhibits that show the aftermath of the fall of Eden. To see them, a visitor must go through a tunnel that leads to a variety of frightening, hellish experiences.

According to creationists, after the fall in the Garden of Eden, mankind descended into every sort of vice, sin, and degradation because humans disobeyed God. The only way to return to a state of peace and happiness is to believe the word of God literally. 

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