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The Most Improbable Plot Points in Game of Thrones  

Lisa Waugh
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If you were one of those people who couldn't cheer for Arya's assassination of Walder Frey because you were too busy calculating the time it would have taken her to get from Braavos to the Twins, we hear you. 

We didn't want producers to waste our precious viewing experience making every aspect of the show chronologically sound - or explain every character decision - but some of these plot holes were still too hard to ignore. Game of Thrones was a show that was loved for its ability to weave complex plots and narratives, and fans expected a lot from each season. 

Despite its unanswered questions and obvious plot holes, many still consider Game of Thrones one of the best TV shows ever. Still, tiny continuty errors and other plot devices made some of the storylines of the series somewhat unbelievable.

Why Is There Still A Night's Watch?
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After the White Walkers are officially defeated, Dany and company make their way to King's Landing and take it from the Lannisters. Wary of Dany's growing non-concern for innocent lives, Jon Snow kills his aunt/lover before she can take the Iron Throne. As punishment Jon Snow is banished to return to the Night's Watch.

But wait. Wasn't the whole purpose of the Night Watch to protect men from the White Walkers? And isn't the Wall completely destroyed? Jon's punishment doesn't make sense for a slew of reasons, but this feels like the most egregious aspect tof it all. 

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Why Even Bother with the Direwolves?
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The image of the Starks discovering the direwolf pups was the very visual that sparked George R.R. Martin to begin writing the series A Song of Ice and Fire. Surely the author has a bigger purpose for the direwolves than the show has.

On the show, they’ve just been killed off in pretty crappy ways. Ned killed Lady to appease Cersei after Arya sent Nymeria away. Summer died defending Bran. Grey Wind’s head was sewn onto Robb’s body. And that no-account Smalljon Umber lopped off Shaggydog’s head. Even Ghost got the short end of the stick when Jon seemingly abandoned him during Season 8 episode 4 ('The Last of the Starks").

We know it’s time-consuming and expensive to include animals and their CGI on screen, but the direwolves are a huge part of House Stark and the series, and it seemed like their only purpose was to make viewers sad with their brutal demises.

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Why Didn't Cersei And Jaime Move To The Right?
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Cersei and Jaime Lannister meet their uncerimonous ends during the penultimate episode of the series ("The Bells"). The two are crushed by the crumbling Red Keep and buried under the rubble. 

But somehow, as Tyrion examines the aftermath of Dany's destruction, he finds Jaime and Cersei under a perfect mound of rubble. There are a lot of clear parts of the Keep, so why didn't the twins simply move out of the way of the falling debris? It is tiny details like this that make already disappointing deaths even worse. 

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Melisandre’s Necklace Glamor
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Melisandre is alone in her room at the beginning of Season 6 and takes off her dress and then her choker. We then see her true self, a centuries-old woman with a very sad look on her face as she climbs into bed, exhausted from being so wrong about Stannis. Observant fans were like, "What?!”   
The reason they were confused is because we first saw Melisandre sans choker in Season 4 when she was naked in the bathtub having a chat with Selsye. When you’re at this level of show business, the script supervisor is an experienced pro. A huge gaff like this couldn’t happen, right? 
So what we’re thinking is, this "plot hole" is actually just something the show runners were hoping we’d pick up on. Melisandre glamors folks around her and only shows herself when she wants to. The choker is another kind of magical tool, and not the key to hiding her true 400-something-year-old self.

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