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Lisa Waugh
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Get ready for some Game of Thrones plot holes and SPOILERS!

If you were one of those people who couldn't cheer for Arya's assassination of Walder Frey because you were too busy calculating the time it would have taken her to get from Braavos to the Twins, this list is for you.

Of course, Game of Thrones producer Bryan Cogman explained that the timelines on Game of Thrones were hard to resolve and he didn’t want viewers to spend four months on a boat with Arya or a few weekends in Dorne. Well, okay then.

It’s not like Game of Thrones plot holes are killing viewer numbers. It’s just that the show has elevated TV in general, so fans have come to expect a lot from each season. But a show, even one as carefully constructed as this one, can’t cover the same ground as a book series as deep and wide as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Book readers and show watchers are well aware of that, but it’s still distracting when Varys can get from Meereen to Westeros to Dorne to Meereen in what seems like a couple of days. Maybe Varys IS a merling after all... 

Beyond the time travel jolts, there’s the questionable logic of how Ramsay Bolton’s army works. He defeats Stannis’s thousands with just 20 men, but loses when the Knights of the Vale show up at the Battle of the Bastards. Pish posh, you say? Fair enough.

Still distracted by Melisandre’s old age choker? Many are still arguing whether this was a Game of Thrones plot hole or there’s another explanation. Either the Red Priestess can glamor people with or without her necklace, or someone over at HBO got yelled at.

Plot holes or not, Game of Thrones is still one of the best shows on television and that means it has to stay exciting. Do we really want to see Drogo set a timer and wait for those gold medallions to melt so he can give Viserys his golden crown? Or a montage of Arya on a boat for four months practicing grabbing faces off the crew to "Goodbye Earl"? We do not.

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TARDISes for Everyone!

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Arya, in her Maisie Williams disguise, spent some time with the Doctor, so we’re not surprised if she had access to a TARDIS. Still, it’s kind of tricky to make two Freys disappear, get carved up, and then made into a Rat King pie for Walder Frey. A girl has skills.  
Varys was also a time traveler in the Season 6 finale. He managed to zip from Meereen to Dorne, then back to Meereen in time to sail with Daenery’s squad. And we’ve seen Littlefinger flit here and yon with enough time to gather random falcons to gift to weird Sweetrobin. Yara and Theon also showed up in Meereen in a flash while their poor sap of an uncle was off somewhere sawing down trees.  
Game of Thrones producer Bryan Cogman cleared up the issue on Twitter, explaining, “Oh, one thing since a few people have asked me. The timelines of the various story threads don’t necessarily match up all the time.” He also said, “This is to avoid things like, say, Arya spending four episodes on a boat.”  
Cogman said he tied himself “in knots” trying to make timelines work, but we’re not complaining. No one wants to spend all that time on a boat or in Dorne, so let’s just be grateful. 

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Melisandre’s Necklace Glamor

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Melisandre is alone in her room at the beginning of Season 6 and takes off her dress and then her choker. We then see her true self, a centuries-old woman with a very sad look on her face as she climbs into bed, exhausted from being so wrong about Stannis. Observant fans were like, "What?!”   
The reason they were confused is because we first saw Melisandre sans choker in Season 4 when she was naked in the bathtub having a chat with Selsye.   
When you’re at this level of show business, the script supervisor is an experienced pro. A huge gaff like this couldn’t happen, right? 
So what we’re thinking is, this "plot hole" is actually just something the show runners were hoping we’d pick up on. Melisandre glamors folks around her and only shows herself when she wants to. The choker is another kind of magical tool, and not the key to hiding her true 400-something-year-old self.

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Jetpacking Sand Snakes

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Many fans went all NCIS on this one, and for good reason. This naval crime involved an inexplicable time jump.  
Here’s what went down: At the end of Season 5, Ellaria Sand gives Myrcella a poison kiss as the princess boards a ship for King’s Landing. Myrcella dies in her father Jaime’s arms after acknowledging that she knew about him and Cersei.   
Jaime sends a raven to Prince Doran in Dorne calling for Ellaria’s head and telling the prince that his kid, Trystane, is not welcome in King’s Landing because… Cersei. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes watch as Jaime’s ship, with Trystane on it, sails for King’s Landing.   
The only problem is, the ship is at King’s Landing when Doran gets this note from Jaime. Obara and Nym pop up on the ship and kill Doran’s heir, Trystane.   
Sure, this is a show that has dragons in it, but only Dany has ridden them so far. A simpler explanation is that either the Sand Snakes set out after the Lannister ship on a smaller, faster boat, or they intercepted the return boat Trystane was transferred to.  

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Arya Should Have Died or Talisa Should Have Lived

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We’re not doctors, but it seems like if Talisa Stark could die so quickly of her multiple stomach wounds, then Arya (who also got a twist in the guts, to boot) shouldn’t have been able to bleed-stumble all the way from the canals to the wings of the theater to accidentally be discovered by Lady Crane.   
We would believe this scenario only if Syrio Forel jumped out of the shadows and gave Arya aid. Or maybe Arya is magical... 

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