WATCH Take A Look Inside The Sunken Cities Of The Ancient World  

Mick Jacobs

Though the existence of Atlantis remains up for debate, plenty of sunken cities exist all across the world just begging to be explored. The video below takes you on an aquatic tour of the most unbelievable sunken ruins and structures, all surrounded by water.

Each of these underwater marvels boasts its own unique purpose and history. While one sunken city originally acted as a temple to an ancient deity, another one was a vacation spot for ancient Romans.

But how did these cities end up underwater? A few of the more ancient ones simply slipped beneath the waves as the sea levels rose, but one city sunk after a nearby dam for a power plant caused the area it stood on to flood.

Instead of scuba diving in a cave or near a coral reef, perhaps make your next diving trip to one of these mind-blowing sunken cities. Watch the video below to learn why, as Sebastian the crab famously stated, it's hotter under the water.