13 Teen Drama Characters Who Are Way Too Sexy To Be High Schoolers

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Face it: too few of us looked good in high school. But if the hot teens heating up our TV screens each week are any indication, times have certainly changed. If you were never to see any actual adolescent again, and had only the CW's shows as a point of reference for teenage aesthetics, you'd never realize that human teenagers are supposed to be dealing with acne and braces and hopelessly broken hearts. Instead, one quick scan of the channels will probably have you swooning every which way over alleged teen superhero levels of buffness, impeccable clothing and gorgeous faces. 

The good thing is, you don't have to feel awkward about fancying the pants off them! The reason these teen characters who are way too sexy are just that sexy is because they're in their mid-twenties and spend hours in the gym just working on their fitness. The hot teen characters who make you feel weird are yours to appreciate. Just don't go looking for hot actors on Skins – those guys are actually teenagers. Just don't.