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The Most Uncanny Mimics In All Of Nature

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For many organisms, imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery but also the greatest method of survival. Animals wield some wild camouflage techniques, and mimicry, the act of imitating another object or animal, is one of them. Refined over the years by evolution, mimicry has led to truly remarkable designs and features in the animal kingdom.

The famous chameleon can turn its skin any color it wants to, but did you know that the cuttlefish can too? Some animals, like the Indonesian Mimic Octopus, can change shape to resemble other creatures, either to lure unsuspecting prey or to fool predators into believing they're deadly. Other animals sport features matching the environment they inhabit, allowing them to slip through nature without hassle. Altogether, these examples of mimicry demonstrate nature's resilience and resourcefulness, and an unrivaled talent at impersonation.