22 Brutally Honest Reaction Tweets To Tom Holland's 'Uncharted' Movie

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Hollywood had a notoriously hard time making video game adaptations that are actually good. Some would argue that there hasn't really been a good adaptation yet, but the Uncharted seemed like it was destined to be great. With a storyline as good as any action movie and a main character like Nathan Drake, it was really hard to mess up. The movie has finally premiered with Tom Holland playing the main character and fans of the franchise have been weighing in on the first entry to the (possible?) franchise. What did you think about the movie?

  • 1. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


    17 votes
  • 2. It Just Hit Different


    6 votes
  • 3. It's All About The Plot


    6 votes
  • 4. The Games Hold Up, The Movie Probably Won't


    14 votes
  • 5. It Captures The Spirit Of The Franchise


    21 votes
  • 6. Why Video Game Movies Are Bad


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