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Fans Flock To Twitter To Offer Love & Support To Their Beloved 'Uncle George' Takei On Father's Day

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"One of my biggest regrets was never becoming a dad. In my generation, coming of age in the 50s and 60s, it just wasn't something very available to gay men, even those in couples. But I'm happy I could still be 'Uncle George' to so many." - @GeorgeTakei

On Father's Day, former Star Trek star and grandpa of the internet George Takei took to Twitter to lament not becoming a parent, but took solace in the fact that so many fans look to him a parental figure, aka "Uncle George." After that tweet, his fans rallied behind him, offering supportive stories and tweets in a heartwarming gesture of respect and adoration.  

Here are a few of those tweets. Vote up the most heartwarming messages of support.