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'Avatar' Fans Point Something Out About Uncle Iroh That We Hadn't Noticed Before

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Everyone's wisdom-giving, tea-loving uncle is a much more complex character than we think. Today we present some of the best observations about Iroh from 'Avatar,' written by many justified fans. Vote on your favorites below!

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    No One Is Talking About How The Citizens Of Ba Sing Se Would React To Iroh During The Invasion.

    Just imagine you’re a citizen in Ba Sing Se and you, like your neighbors, and your neighbors’ neighbors, know that The Jasmine Dragon has the best tea in the city. Only you show up one day and the shop is abandoned. Soon after, the Fire Nation invades and you find yourself worrying less about tea and more about surviving. You hold your family close as the troops march past your house. You do what you can to stay alive.

    One day, you hear a bunch of crashes and you look outside to see a small group of men wearing robes with white lotus tiles on them. You can only stare in awe as they begin to liberate an entire city. And leading them is...

    'Honey, remember Mushi, the sweet old man from the tea shop?'

    'Of course, the kindest soul around!'

    'Yeah...he just annihilated like fifty tanks in a single breath.'

    But then, The Jasmine Dragon opens back up?!

    Just imagine what it must be like to shuffle on inside, where ‘Mushi’ happily greets you with a warm cup and a warmer smile.

    '...Okay sir, I have to ask...were you the one who single-handedly took out a dozen soldiers on the corner of my street?'

    'Ah, my friend, sometimes, we’re meant to be like this tea, stagnant and peaceful, giving someone else happiness and warmth. Othertimes, we’re meant to punch the oppressors in the face as hard as we can.'


    '...Would you like to hear today’s specials?'

    'Yes, please.'

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    The Way That Zuko Responds To Iroh's Hugs Reveals So Much About Their Relationship

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    Iroh Throws Flames In Zuko's Face As A Form Of Desensitization Training (Which Was Needed After A Traumatic Agni Kai With His Father).

     From Tumblr user royaltealovingkookiness:

    In Zuko's first training scene, Iroh shoots a fireball right into his nephew's face and he just stands there, unflinching. In the duel with Zhao, Zuko is down. But when he sees that flaming fist to his face, something lets loose inside him that helps him turn the fight around...But it’s not until we learn Zuko’s backstory that all this gets a whole new meaning. 

    Why would Zuko still be on basics if not because he suffered a huge setback after his agni kai? Imagine how much hard work and patience it took to build Zuko back up again, so he would not freeze in blind panic when fire gets close to his face. I think Iroh practiced this with him all the time until he could stand there unflinching (knowing that Iroh is in full control of his bending and trusting that his uncle would never hurt him). And when it came to the duel with Zhao, Zuko could react accordingly of freezing up, turning all the negative feelings into fuel to win the fight against a bender who is much more skilled than he is. 

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    Iroh's Path To Glory Is Subversively Brilliant Because It Teaches People To Appreciate The Small Things In Life

    From Tumblr user a-promise-that-i-keep:

    Not to be emotional, but the fact that Iroh was a great military general and diplomat and in line to the throne of the Fire Nation but instead wanted to brew tea and teach his nephew philosophy is so GOOD. It's something we almost NEVER see on TV. We always expect characters to 'live up to their full potential' and in Iroh’s case, the obvious manifestation of that would have been to lead an army. Intead, he shows how the most IMPORTANT things to him are the smaller things in life: tea, pai sho, philosophy. Iroh is the perfect example of how the best way forward for a person is very rarely the path to obvious glory and I love him for it.

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