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People Share Stories Of Sleepovers That Got Uncomfortable

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For many, sleepovers are just part of growing up. Sleeping at a friend's house is a time-honored tradition, one that often leads to nice, wholesome memories. Sleepovers can also be creepy, uncomfortable, and almost cripplingly awkward. Years later, people still remember and share their unpleasant pajama party memories from childhood.

Sleepovers and slumber parties have introduced countless kids to the idea that other families can be just as weird as their own, and sometimes, that weirdness makes staying the night at a friend's house feel more like a hostage situation.

Photo: The Gate / New Century Entertainment

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    Feeling Sick From Feces And Pizza

    From a former Redditor:

    I was invited to birthday sleepover party for a kid in my class when I was in third grade. I barely knew the kid, but my mom said it would be nice if I went because he didn't have many friends. I was about to find out why. When I arrived to the house, the enclosed front porch was full of feces. To be honest, I'm not sure it was dog or human, although there were about five or six dogs wandering around. The smell immediately made me sick, and I asked the kid's mother if she could call my mom to come pick me up because I felt sick. She refused and said, "I'm not going to do that, you just got here. That would be ridiculous." The next thing I know, me and the other kids (the birthday boy, another friend, and birthday boy's brother) are sitting on the floor of the kitchen eating pizza. We were required to finish three large pizzas because the mom "spent all day making them." It was immediately followed by cake and ice cream.

    Afterwards, I again asked the kid's mom if she would call my mom to pick me up. She refused. We were then told to go outside to sled while she watched movies, and we were not allowed to come back in until about 10 pm. When we finally came back inside, my stomach was quite upset about being force-fed pizza and sweets, followed by being repeatedly sent down a large hill in the dark. When I proceeded to throw up in the house's only toilet, I was yelled [at] for messing up the mother's night and throwing up in her toilet. She then called my mother to come pick me up. At midnight.

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    Choking In A Haze Of Cigarette Smoke

    From Redditor u/humanhighlightreel32:

    Friend had a sleepover for his birthday. His mom was a HUGE smoker. "Chain smoker" doesn't even go far enough. She was lighting the next one before the current one was finished. My dad had to come pick me and two of my friends up. One woke me up crying because he had horrible asthma and was suffocating. The other just wanted to get out. My eyes burned. It was rough. So I snuck to their phone, called home (at 3 am), and my dad came and picked us up. Gave my friends some clothes to wear so he could wash everything while we crashed. The way he recalls it, when we got into the car, my dad started gagging. Felt bad for the friend having the sleepover. We just told him the following week at school that we had to be up for something in the morning.

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    Staying Over At A Roach Motel

    From Redditor u/HorseMeatSandwich:

    Cockroaches. Cockroaches everywhere.

    When my friend’s mom pulled the cereal box out of the cupboard in the morning, multiple cockroaches fell out onto the counter. It was awful.

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    Facing Accusations Of Theft

    From Redditor u/NailArtaholic:

    The mother accused me of stealing $50. When I tried to leave to go home, she blocked the door and insisted she drive me home. I bolted out of the door when she went to get her keys.

    Turns out she just didn't want me to spend the night, but thought accusing me of theft was the best way to get me to leave.

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    Seeing Sights That Can't Be Unseen

    From Redditor u/you_lost-the-game:

    The bedroom door was open and I slept facing it. Except I wasn't asleep and had a full view of my friend's stepdad walking past. He was completely naked and when he saw me, he just stood there facing me and asked, "Aren't you asleep?" As if that was still in my plans. I told my friend about it the next morning and she made me write a note saying "I like your willy." He put it up on the fridge. They're still two doors down the street, but I haven't spoken to them in more than 10 years now.

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    Singing Hymns Before Getting Uncomfortably Close

    From Redditor u/plateishot:

    I spent the night at a kid's house that lived a couple streets over in the same neighborhood who I had only known through other friends I had on his street.

    We had to read the Bible and sing hymns and then go to bed at 7:00 pm, which during the summer is essentially broad daylight.

    But before we went to bed, the kid's mom made him sit on the toilet to poop and pee and then the guy's mom still wiped his butt for him (we were roughly 11-12) and did it with the door wide open. If all this wasn't uncomfortable enough, his mom laid on the bed with him and brushed his hair and sang to him so he could fall asleep.

    I got up as soon as the whole house was asleep and went out via their garage, which set off their house alarm, and booked it home.

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