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The 20 Coolest Unconventional Anime Weapons

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Anime's epic battle scenes, from mecha melees to shinigami standoffs, feel even more exhilarating when they feature unconventional weapons. Sword fights and gun fights make for fantastic set pieces, but sometimes watching the same weaponry over and over again gets stale. If you feel burned out on the traditional katanas and magic pistols, you may want to check out some of the more unusual anime weapons.

If you want to watch a pink-haired woman beat up a child with a guitar, watch FLCL. If a camera capable of making people explode sounds appealing, look up Speed Grapher. The strangest anime weapons do more than just make anime battles exciting, they add a level of originality to the warriors you see on screen. 

  • Why fight with a sword when you could fight with half a pair of giant scissors? That's what Ryuko Matoi does, and she kicks butt with it. Designed by her father Isshin Matoi, the blades are meant to cut Life Fibers, a sentient alien parasite that weaves into clothing.

    Ryuko's blades can sever the fibers because they themselves are made of Life Fibers. Ryuko only has one half of the original scissors, because the other half was taken by her father's killer, Nui. In a way, this kind of makes them cooler.

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  • Scenes in Death Note portray the way Light Yagami kills people as dramatically as any ninja or mech battle, even though all he does is write his victims' names in a notebook (the Death Note). Anyone whose name gets written in the Death Note dies according to the writer's instructions.

    If the writer fails to specify a method, the victim dies of a heart attack, but the Death Note can produce illness, accidents, force people to commit suicide, and more. To successfully kill the chosen person, the writer also must know their face and their name. This helps avoid wiping out everyone on earth named John Smith. Journaling never felt quite so thrilling.

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    Retsu Unohana's Zanpakuto Turns Into A Giant Flying Manta Ray (And Then Into A Bloody Destroyer) In 'Bleach'

    Photo: Bleach / Studio Pierrot

    The Zanpakutōs of Bleach all come in a variety of shapes and functions, but Captain Retsu Unohana's Shikai form stands among the strangest (if one of the most useful). Rather than turn into a modified blade or weapon, her blade, Minazuki, turns into a giant green manta ray-like creature.

    Not only does it provide a form of transportation, Minazuki can also store the wounded in its stomach, which contains pools of healing ointments and salves. Yet in Bankai form, Minazuki transforms back into a standard katana which literally produces bloodspatter from its blade. It is sturdy enough for battle and is capable of causing anyone within its vicinity to start to decay. Few weapons in anime possess such bizarre and wide range of effects as Minazuki.

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  • Although this weapon gets a bit neglected in favor of Nen-based attacks, the fishing rod Gon Freecss uses at the beginning of Hunter x Hunter is pretty actually pretty awesome.

    More than a means to fish, the rod pole can be swung with astonishing accuracy, catching his opponents and holding them in place. He can also use it to lift heavy objects and throw them. 

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