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The 19 Coolest Unconventional Anime Weapons

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Anime's epic battle scenes, from mecha melees to shinigami standoffs, feel even more exhilarating when they feature unconventional weapons. Sword fights and gun fights make for fantastic set pieces, but sometimes watching the same weaponry over and over again gets stale. If you feel burned out on the traditional katanas and magic pistols, you may want to check out some of the more unusual anime weapons.

If you want to watch a pink-haired woman beat up a child with a guitar, watch FLCL. If a camera capable of making people explode sounds appealing, look up Speed Grapher. The strangest anime weapons do more than just make anime battles exciting, they add a level of originality to the warriors you see on screen. 

  • Although this weapon gets a bit neglected in favor of Nen-based attacks, the fishing rod Gon Freecss uses at the beginning of Hunter x Hunter is pretty actually pretty awesome.

    More than a means to fish, the rod pole can be swung with astonishing accuracy, catching his opponents and holding them in place. He can also use it to lift heavy objects and throw them. 

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    Kagura's Umbrella Is Secretly A Machine Gun In 'Gintama'

    Photo: Gintama / Sunrise

    Following in the footsteps of the rest of the Yato Clan, Kagura is a master with her parasol. Normally, she uses it to block out the sun, but the time comes to fight, the item boasts plenty of other uses.

    Kagura can use it to block other people's attacks as well as spray bullets like a sub-machine gun. Her weapon's ordinary appearance, combined with her own unassuming demeanor, often leads enemies to underestimate Kagura at their own peril. 

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  • Photo: FLCL / Gainax

    As a weapon, Haruko Haruhara's Rickenbacker 4001 has one obvious use: to beat people over the head. This happens to Naota more than once. However, the guitar is more than simply a physical weapon, and goes far beyond sound or music.

    The Rickenbacker 4001 opens up N.O. channels, which summon anyone and anything from light years away. Naota's head acts as one such channel, which leads to further guitar-based abuse for the poor kid.

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    Yura Ensnares And Slices Opponents With Her Steel Hair In 'Inuyasha'

    Photo: Inuyasha / Sunrise

    Though thin steel cables capable of slicing through flesh exist as weapons across anime (Hellsing's Walter, the ninja of Naruto), their appearance is unconventional in the sense that it's practically impossible in real life. As such, it makes sense to recognize one of the first prominent users of deadly wires, the demon Yura.

    Made from the heads of her enemies, Yura's hairs performed more than the standard slice-and-dice usage of the weapon. Her hairs regenerated limbs, let her track her enemies, and even ignited for a fire attack. Not only did Yura do deadly threads first, she did it baddest.

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