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The 20 Coolest Unconventional Anime Weapons

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Anime's epic battle scenes, from mecha melees to shinigami standoffs, feel even more exhilarating when they feature unconventional weapons. Sword fights and gun fights make for fantastic set pieces, but sometimes watching the same weaponry over and over again gets stale. If you feel burned out on the traditional katanas and magic pistols, you may want to check out some of the more unusual anime weapons.

If you want to watch a pink-haired woman beat up a child with a guitar, watch FLCL. If a camera capable of making people explode sounds appealing, look up Speed Grapher. The strangest anime weapons do more than just make anime battles exciting, they add a level of originality to the warriors you see on screen. 

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    Shizuku And Her Vacuum Cleaner Make For A Deadly Pair In 'Hunter x Hunter'

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    Leave it to Hunter x Hunter to make us scared of a vacuum cleaner. While many characters in the series have unique and weird weapons, Shizuku's vacuum cleaner, Blinky, takes the cake. She uses her Nen ability to conjure Blinky. Blinky can do everything from inhaling non-living objects to cleaning up evidence of crime scenes. But perhaps the most frightening thing it can do is suck up all the blood from an opponent. You'll never look at your own vacuum the same way again.  

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    Nicholas D. Wolfwood Uses A Giant Cross As A Gun In 'Trigun'

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    In Trigun, Wolfwood's most powerful object is a large cross but not for religious reasons. The Punisher is a cross-shaped gun that has a rocket launcher in the back and a machine gun in the front. There's even a little bin for storage on the cross' side arms. While it looks pretty heavy and burdensome to use, it's got a lot of versatility. Plus, it looks insanely cool. 

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    Kurama's Rose Whip Will Have You Running In 'Yu Yu Hakusho'

    Tuxedo Mask isn't the only character who loves roses. Kurama can use his demon energy to manipulate plants. His most deadly technique is his Rose Whip in which he elongates a rose's stem and turns it into a thorny whip. It's so strong that it can even cut through steel. Only Kurama can make an elegant, beautiful flower into a weapon of death.

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    Tuxedo Mask's Roses Are Aesthetic AF, If A Bit Useless, In 'Sailor Moon'

    Tuxedo Mask's roses are no ordinary roses—they're sharp enough to pierce the skin. Even the thorniest rose isn't going to do that when it lands petal-first, or hits with the bottom of the stem. What makes this strange weapon choice so awesome isn't not its efficacy. Tuxedo Mask's rose attacks often take a backseat to the crew of magical girls he fights alongside.

    No, the roses are amazing because they're fit in perfectly with their wielder's aesthetic. Tuxedo Mask goes for a look, and he's not going to let anything, not even the inefficiency of throwing sharp roses at people, stop him. Truly, what's more anime than that?

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