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15 Anime Characters Who Are OP In Unconventional Ways

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When an anime character is called OP, or overpowered, it's usually because they're adept at fighting or have some kind of super-intense magical power. But there are other ways of being OP that don't always get talked about. For this list, we're going to take some time to appreciate anime characters who are overpowered in a different way. 

Some uniquely OP characters are super-geniuses: pretty much nobody in the real world has the kind of intelligence that Senku from Dr. Stone boasts. Others, like Yukihira Soma of Food Wars! are super-skilled at cooking. For Yumeko Jabami of Kakegurui, her OP skill lies in gambling.

Which of these characters do you think have the most impressive abilities?

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    Eri - 'My Hero Academia'

    Eri's quirk, Rewind, is incredibly powerful - but because she's a little girl and doesn't know how to handle it yet, she can't really use it in combat. Basically, she can 'rewind' any living being, leaving them in a previous state. This means that she can do anything from eliminate an injury by restoring a person to the time when they weren't injured to making them significantly younger than they once were. Chisaki, the man who forced her to undergo painful experiments so that he could use her DNA to create quirk-destroying drugs, thinks that she could even rewind humanity as a whole back to before quirks ever existed in the first place. 

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    L's physical skills are moderate - yeah, he's okay at tennis and he apparently knows Capoeira, but he also spends every waking moment chowing down on sugar, and doesn't seem to move or sleep much otherwise. While he's more physically fit than you'd expect given his lifestyle, his real skill isn't in fighting: it's in his brain. L is known as the greatest detective in the world (technically the greatest three since the #2 and #3 detectives are his aliases) due to his long history of solving seemingly impossible cases. His mental prowess is how he ends up working for the Kira investigation - but sadly, it isn't enough to see him through to the end.

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    Yumeko Jabami - 'Kakegurui'

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    Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, seems like a sweet, innocent girl at first - but as it turns out, she's a total gambling fiend. That's just perfect for the school she attends, which turns into a high-stakes casino at night. Gambling involves luck, but it also involves some serious strategic thinking. Yumeko surprises all of the top gamblers at her school by wiping the floor with them, exhibiting a set of skills that it hardly seems reasonable for one person to have.

    Her only potential downfall is the fact that she's almost turned on by taking risks, and sometimes gets herself into dangerous situations where she could lose her life or something else precious by losing a bet. 

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    Yukihira Soma - 'Food Wars!'

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    Cooking isn't a super-power, but Yukihira Soma sure makes it seem like one at Tootsuki Academy, an elite school that specializes in culinary battles. He picked up his cooking chops from watching his father, an elite chef - and through relentless practice. In his first year at school, he earned the 1st Seat of the Elite Ten, something that pretty much never happens for first year students. He's a master of Japanese cooking, and cooks excellent meals from other cultures as well. Oh, and did we mention that he cooks so well that he can literally make people orgasm when they eat his food. Because that's a thing, too.

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