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15 Anime Characters Who Are OP In Unconventional Ways

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When an anime character is called OP, or overpowered, it's usually because they're adept at fighting or have some kind of super-intense magical power. But there are other ways of being OP that don't always get talked about. For this list, we're going to take some time to appreciate anime characters who are overpowered in a different way. 

Some uniquely OP characters are super-geniuses: pretty much nobody in the real world has the kind of intelligence that Senku from Dr. Stone boasts. Others, like Yukihira Soma of Food Wars! are super-skilled at cooking. For Yumeko Jabami of Kakegurui, her OP skill lies in gambling.

Which of these characters do you think have the most impressive abilities?

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    Senku Ishigami - 'Dr. Stone'

    Like many of the characters on this list, what makes Senku Ishigami OP is his intelligence - but his intelligence is truly out of this world. After being petrified for thousands of years, he managed to count the seconds for all of that time in order to keep track of how long he'd been frozen and make sure that he wouldn't become unpetrified in the middle of winter. Once released, he not only managed to feed himself, build a shelter, and otherwise survive, he managed to figure out how to undo the petrification in the first place.

    Later, with the help of Ishigami Village, he started churning out invention after invention using the materials around him. He recreates everything from coca cola and ramen to electricity, cell phones, and antibiotics. You'd think that someone with this level of scientific knowledge would have to have multiple PhDs or something, but all Senku has is a partial high school education and his own brain. 

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  • Shikamaru is skilled in the physical abilities of taijutsu and ninjutsu, but where he truly shines is something less direct: it's his strategic mind. As a child, he does poorly in school because he's ten steps ahead of the rest of the class and is bored out of his mind. But once he's actually given a genuine challenge, he's able to come up with strategies that actually work. The best example of this is when he plans a method of luring Hidan into a trap set in the Nara forest, and keeps him immobilized in that space for the rest of his immortal life.

    Thanks to Shikamaru's strategic skills, he ends up working as the Hokage's Chief Aide during Boruto.

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    Sakamoto - 'Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto!'

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    Sakamoto is totally OP in just about everything pertaining to daily life. He's a charming, cool, talented person who earns the admiration of everyone around him. Being good at these things wouldn't necessarily put most people in the OP category, but that's actually the whole point of his character. Whether he's blowing bubbles with exceptional skill or getting perfect grades, he's the envy of his female classmates and a source of jealousy for his male ones. Even his weird poses are somehow kind of amazing. He's OP: mundane style.

    When he decides to become an astronaut at the end of the series, nobody thinks this is beyond him: though they do take the opportunity to pie him in the face for some reason.

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    Sora & Shiro - 'No Game No Life'

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    Sora and Shiro are the two members of the unbeatable gaming team Blank. The two of them are so skilled at video games that others in the gaming world are scared to approach them. Sadly, those skills only exist because they're too afraid to actually go outside and interact with others, so they ring a little hollow. But their talents are put to good use when they're transported to the world of Disboard, a world in which every decision is made through gaming. The two manage to become political leaders almost immediately thanks to their world-class gaming skills. As a result, they gain the respect and adoration they never got in their original world. 

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