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Inspiring Underdog Stories In Olympics History

Everyone loves a good underdog story (except for maybe those who end up being remembered as the losers) and Olympic history is full of them. The Olympics are a massive world stage and every four years, the world becomes captivated by the games - and especially by their stories of triumph. Stars come out of the woodwork and there are always some unexpected winners.

One of the most memorable instances of this was in 1980, when the U.S. Men's Hockey team shocked the world by beating the heavily favored Soviets. It has since been deemed the Miracle on Ice and the story was even made into an acclaimed movie, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Olympic underdog stories.

From track and field to the swimming pool, every four years we get more inspiring Olympian stories. With the Winter and Summer Olympics taking place alternately every two years, you never have too long to wait for new tales of the Olympic underdogs. Luckily, past occasions have yet to lose their magic. Seeing someone who really just shouldn't have won win it all is still one of the most special things in sports, and that'll likely never change.
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    The American Hockey Team Who Won Despite Never Having a Chance

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    The United States of America - Gold Medal in Hockey, 1980

    The U.S. Men's Hockey team at the 1980 Olympics didn't stand a chance to win gold. Not only were they just a bunch of amateurs, they were also going up against the Soviets. Back during the Cold War, the Soviet National team was a force to be reckoned with. They were fierce, unrelenting, and most people thought unbeatable, but that didn't stop a group of American hockey players from trying.

    In the semifinals, the Americans shocked the world by defeating the Soviets in one of the greatest upsets of all time. The story has been memorialized in books, movies, and other media, and remains one of the most exciting things to ever happen in the Olympics.
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    The Blind Record-Holding Archer

    Photo: Bill Hails / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Im Dong-Hyun - Gold Medals in Archery, 2004 and 2008

    Im Dong-Hyun is a seriously impressive guy. Not only is he one of the best archers in the world, but he's also essentially blind. He is more accurate than anyone else in Olympic history despite the fact that all he sees when he looks at the target is an insignificant distant blur. His success is a testament to the power of muscle memory and dedication.
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  • Photo: Gianfranco Reppucci / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
    Emil Zátopek - Gold Medal in the Marathon, 1952

    Zátopek may have known how to move his legs to run, but he wasn't an Olympic trained runner. He ran because the shoe company he worked for started to force him to race. Fortunately, it turned out he was pretty good at it. Zátopek decided to try his hand at marathon running - after having won gold in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races - and despite his severe lack of training, he not only won a gold medal, but also broke the record for fastest marathon time.
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    The Speed Skater Who Just Let Everyone Else Crash

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    Steven Bradbury - Gold Medal in Speed Skating, 2002

    Bradbury wasn't expected to even reach the finals in the 2002 Olympics, but he did thanks to two other skaters crashing. Then, in the finals, he was far off the lead on the final turn when the entire field crashed and he casually crossed the finish line. He won Australia its first gold at the Winter Games and went down as one of the luckiest Olympians ever to win.
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