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20 Underrated Anime From The 2000s You Shouldn't Have Skipped

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The 2000s was an incredible decade for anime. It's the decade when well-loved and well-remembered shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Naruto Shippudden, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo and Mushi-shi came out. But there were also plenty of series that either never got their proper due, or were simply lost of the sands of time. For this list, we're celebrating underrated 2000s anime.

One fantastic underrated anime from the era is Kaiba, a surreal series about a society in which people upload their consciousness to microchips. Looking for something a little more down to earth? Try Beck: Mongolion Chop Squad, a show about a rock band's journey to fame. No matter what kind of anime you like, there's something from the 2000s that you didn't realize you'd love. 

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    After rescuing dog named Beck and returning it to its owner, Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka ends up meeting the person who will change his life: Ryuusuke "Ray" Minami, a rock musician. Along with Ray's sister Maho and several other musicians, they form a band called Beck that they hope will take the world by storm. 

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  • Planning to support him as he goes after his dream of becoming an idol Kyouko Mogami follows her childhood friend and crush Shoutarou "Shou" Fuwa to Tokyo. When Kyouko discovers that Shou sees her as little more than a maid, she decides that he can go screw himself. Her new goal isn't to support him: it's to become a better idol than he could ever be. 

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    Princess Tutu

    After being transformed from a duck into a human by Drosselmeyer, Ahiru has a hard time with human life. She's a ballet student who is constantly on the verge of failing. But she soon discovers her true purpose - to transform into the magical girl Princess Tutu, and collect the shattered pieces of Prince Mytho's heart. 

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  • Genshiken is a 'school club' anime that's unlike most of the others. The members of Study of Modern Visual Culture Club - also known as Genshiken - aren't cute high school girls. Rather, they're a motley crew of weirdos who aren't always pleasant, but who are always interesting. The world of Genshiken may not be polished, but it feels real, which is what makes it a good series. 

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