Underrated Action Movies Of The 2010s, Ranked

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Vote up the under-the-radar action movies that deserve more attention.

Even casual fans of action films are aware of films like John Wick or the last 37 superhero movies - but what about the truly underrated action movies in the 2010s? Most people have already seen a handful of The Fast and the Furious adventures, so maybe it's time to branch out a little and dig into relatively recent high-octane action films you might have missed upon first release.

Are you more into foreign films full of high-flying martial arts fisticuffs like 13 Assassins, or are you more a fan of cerebral thrillers like The Grey? Maybe you like to pair your action with comedy, as in The Nice Guys, or maybe you're enthralled with unique technical achievements like Victoria's single take or Hardcore Henry's first-person perspective.

No matter which particular vein of action movie you prefer, we've compiled a list of some of the greatest yet underrated heart-pumping films of the 2010s. Vote up your favorite underrated action films and make sure to check out the ones you haven't. You can thank us later.

Note: Possible spoilers.