The Most Underrated Anime Of 2022, Ranked

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2022 debuted so many smash hit anime that even if you only watched the most popular ones, you might have trouble keeping up. While it feels great to be spoiled for choice, this abundance means missing out on some criminally underrated anime. But you don't have to miss out! We've compiled some of the anime hidden gems of 2022 to make sure these great shows don't get lost in the shuffle.

Love sports anime? There are a ton of unique options, including Dance Dance Danseur, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story, and Ao Ashi. Looking for innovative takes on the world of medicine? Try Parallel World Pharmacy or Healer Girl. Tired of ordinary isekai and want something weird? There's Isekai Ojisan and Ya Boy Kongming. Just want to relax? Watch Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness or Slow Loop. No matter what you're looking for, there's a lesser-known 2022 anime that you'll love.


  • Summer Time Rendering
    Photo: Summer Time Rendering / OLM

    Summer Time Rendering debuted on Disney+, a paid service that most people don't associate with anime. That might be why a lot of people missed it. But it's a fascinating show that's well worth watching if you get the chance.

    When his childhood friend Ushio drowns trying to save a child, Shinpei Ajiro returns home for the funeral. He learns that Ushio had bruises on her neck that weren't consistent with a drowning demise. This isn't the only strange thing that's happening. More people are disappearing, and it seems like it might have something to do with an old myth about Shadows. Can Shinpei save himself and Ushio's twin sister Mio? Or are they doomed to meet Ushio's fate? 

  • Ya Boy Kongming!
    Photo: Ya Boy Kongming! / P.A. Works

    Most people wouldn't think to combine the military might of the Chinese Three Kingdoms with the modern day Japanese music industry, but that's just what you get with Ya Boy Kongming! 

    Zhuge Kongming was one of the greatest tacticians of his time, but he always wanted to live a more peaceful life. After passing away from stress and illness, he is reincarnated into modern day Japan as a much younger version of himself. Unsure of what to do, he heads to a nightclub. There, he discovers aspiring singer Eiko Tsukimi. She notices how confused he is by the modern world and tries to help him out - but what he's noticing is her incredible singing gift. He wants to make the world notice her, using the military strategies he has at his disposal.

  • The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting
    Photo: The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting / feel., Gaina

    If you like daddy-daughter anime like Kakushigoto and Sweetness & Lightning but don't need the characters to be related per se, this anime is a great choice. 

    Known as the “Demon of Sakuragi,” Tooru Kirishima is one of the most brutal yakuza members in the area. He's the last person you'd think would get along with a seven-year-old girl, but that's exactly what he has to do when his boss decides to try and improve his personality by having him look after his daughter Yaeka Sakuragi. 

    Determined to meet his boss' expectations, Tooru puts all of his energy into connecting with Yaeka. But the little girl is still traumatized from her mother being in a coma, and has difficulty trusting Tooru. Eventually, the two manage to build a strong relationship.

  • Parallel World Pharmacy
    Photo: Parallel World Pharmacy / Diomedéa

    Parallel World Pharmacy might look like a forgettable slice of life isekai, but it's a show you really shouldn't miss. Created as a collaboration with the Japan Pharmaceutical Association, this anime is intended to create awareness about pharmaceutical practices and professions. But it's not just a PSA - it's also an interesting story.

    After Kanji Yakutani's sister passes away from a poorly treated tumor, he dedicates his life to medical research. Sadly, he passes away from overwork at only 31 years old. But that's not the end of his story. He's reincarnated as Falma de Médicis, the 10-year-old son of a family of medical practitioners in the Sain Fleuve Empire. What's more, he has the mark of a deity's divine blessing, which allows him to determine and reduce the chemical properties of any substance. 

    It looks like he'll be able to continue his medical research, but there's one problem - in this world, medicine is only accessible to the wealthy. Falma decides to change that and make it available to everyone.

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    Uncle from Another World

    Uncle from Another World
    Photo: Uncle from Another World / AtelierPontdarc

    Most isekai anime deal with what happens in the other world, and don't really pay that much attention to what's changed if and when the protagonist goes home. Uncle from Another World (AKA Isekai Ojisan) is here to change that. After being hit by a truck, Takafumi Takaoka's uncle, Yousuke "Ojisan" Shibazaki has been in a coma for 17 years. During that time, he's been hanging out in a magical world called Gran Bahamal. 

    Takafumi doesn't believe his uncle at first, but once he sees him demonstrate his magical abilities, that changes. Not only does he believe him, but he thinks he can monetize it through a Youtube channel. But that's easier said than done when working with a guy who's missed 17 years of technological updates!

  • Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness
    Photo: Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness / Encourage Films

    Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness is a character-driven slice-of-life anime about a man named Nagomu Irino who returns to his family home in Kyoto after his father is hospitalized. He expects to take over the family's wagashi shop, Ryokushou - but what he doesn't expect is to become a guardian to a young girl named Itsuka Yukihira who everyone expects to inherit the shop.

    If you're looking for an emotionally driven iyashikei, you've found it here.