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16 Underrated Historical Monuments That Should Be Wonders of the Ancient World

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There are only seven official Wonders of the Ancient World, but considering all of the amazing things you can find on planet Earth, it's a true wonder there aren't more. There are tons of other ancient wonders that are intricate in their execution and stunning in their size that also have great historical significance. While there are plenty of modern structures worthy of the moniker Wonder, the ancient places below are truly sites of awe-inspiring beauty.

Among these ancient wonders of the world that didn't make the list - the official one, anyway - you'll find the ancient Persian capital city of Persepolis, the monumental stunner that is Machu Picchu in Peru, the majestic pyramids of Meroe in modern Sudan, and ancient Rome's own Colosseum. Surely, all these amazing monuments are things that should have been ancient wonders, just as they stun the modern eye. There have been numerous lists of 'New' Seven Wonders Of The World in recent years, though they don't always agree.