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The Most Underrated Artists in Comics

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Comic books being a visual medium there are always a wide array of brilliant artists working in the industry at any given time.

Some artists get on a book and carry a storyline through their specific composition or specific ways of displaying action like John Romita Sr. or Jack Kirby. Other artists have such an instantly recognizable style they're hired on a book in order to up it's notoriety or change the direction the title is going in like Frank Cho or Chris Bachelo. Other artists still are so iconic so influential to the industry they redefine the very characters they're draw for years to come like Mark Bagley or Todd McFarlane.

But then there are those artists who do amazing work, get a great response from the audience and the critics but never quite get the notice they deserve. Well we're trying to change that, these are the artists who did all of the above but didn't get quite the hype those folk did. These are the most underrated artists in comics.