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The 15 Most Underrated Bankai In Bleach, Ranked

13 Mar 2020 10.6k votes 1.8k voters 128.6k views15 items

As the Bleach fandom prepares itself for the upcoming 20th-anniversary project dubbed Bleach: Face Again, they’re reminiscing over everything they loved about the series, such as the best fights or story arcs. Of course, ranking the best Bankai attacks is part of the friendly discourse. However, not every Bankai is Bleach got the appreciation it deserved during the anime's prime. 

Whether it was because it was only featured in small doses, or revealed in non-anime material, there are a lot of unbelievable Bankais in Bleach that continue to go unnoticed by fans. Although some of it can also be blamed on the Bankai powers belonging to less popular characters, even a few major Bleach characters have had their fascinating Bankai powers ignored. Ignore no more. It’s time to appreciate these underrated Bankai powers in Bleach.

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