Brad Dourif Is Amazing In Everything And Deserves Way More Recognition

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Brad Dourif is one of “those guys.” You know, the actors who show up in a movie or a show, and you know you’ve seen them before, but you can’t place exactly where you know them from. Depending on what kind of movies you like, you most likely know Dourif as Chucky in Child’s Play, but you may just as well know him from Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or even Dune if you’re a David Lynch diehard.

Even though the majority of Dourif’s most well-known roles are in genre films, he got his start as a purely dramatic actor, which shows in each of his roles, whether he’s playing a demented doll or a town doctor. His reputation with these roles also made him Tim Burton's top choice to play The Joker in Batman before the studio went with Jack Nicholson.

As one of the most gifted actors of the 20th century, it’s a pleasure to watch him change with his roles, as well as add subtleties to his craft regardless of whether he’s playing a one-off character on television or a supporting role in an Academy Award-nominated film.