Crispin Glover Is Awesome And Eccentric In Everything, Even If You Don't Recognize Him Half The Time

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Crispin Glover movie roles always offer the promise of seeing something completely unexpected. While widely recognized as being prodigiously talented, the actor has intentionally crafted a professional reputation for himself as a risk-taker. He refuses to play it safe, preferring to take audiences by surprise with the wild choices he makes. This quality has had an unusual effect, in that he has somehow remained underrated. In other words, it's easy to take him for granted because he can't easily be put in any kind of box.

Although best known for movies like Back to the Future and Charlie's Angels, the actor has appeared on the small screen as well. Notable Crispin Glover TV roles include the miniseries Texas Rising and a two-episode arc on Family Ties. Wherever he pops up, you can always be sure that he'll be interesting and unforgettable.

To celebrate his career, we've chosen a number of his most notable film and television roles to spotlight. Although these examples are just a small sampling of his massive body of work, the goal is to showcase the diversity of the characters he's played, as well as the wide variety of genres in which he's worked. There's no doubt about it - Crispin Glover is awesome and eccentric in everything.