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13 Super-Underrated Devil Fruit Powers in 'One Piece'

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The world of One Piece is stunning, and it offers audiences the visual splendor of supernatural abilities. These powers are unbelievable, and they help to flesh out the world while adding some panache to the animation style. 

Although there are several incredible innate talents held by the heroes and villains of One Piece, there's one kind of power that will always reign supreme: Devil Fruit powers. Devil Fruit vary in appearance, and they all offer a unique and destructive ability. Though these powers are beloved, some seem to fly under the radar more than others.

  • Perona consumes Hollow-Hollow Fruit, which permits its user to create and control ghosts. Perona uses these spirits in a lot of useful ways, from employing them as a labor force to sending them against her foes. Because they're ghosts, they're not able to cause any physical damage. But if a Negative Hollow goes through someone, they'll experience a terrible skin-crawling sensation that makes them feel awful about themselves.

    This means a lot of opponents are unable to fight Perona - excluding Usopp, who has nothing but disdain for himself.

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    The Hobby-Hobby Fruit Allows Sugar To Turn People Into Toys

    Sugar has a terrifying Devil Fruit - it grants the ability to turn people into toys. The Hobby-Hobby Fruit may seem trivial, but it erases all memory of its target. In the Dressrosa Arc, a ton of people are turned into toys, never to be remembered by their loved ones.

    In addition to this ability, the user also gains eternal youth, meaning Sugar will always look like a child.

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    The Shadow-Shadow Fruit Allows Gekko Moriah To Manipulate Shadows

    The Shadow-Shadow Fruit often gets dismissed because Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit is stronger. But this Devil Fruit has a lot to offer, as the user becomes the Ruler of Shadows. Gekko Moriah uses this fruit to control and manipulate shadows, even becoming one himself.

    The best part is the shadows can solidify into a tangible form, making them very effective in combat.

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    The Mochi-Mochi Fruit Allows Katakuri To Become A Mochi Human

    The Mochi-Mochi Fruit gives its user, Katakuri, the power to create, control, and transform into mochi. Mochi is a sticky, sweet rice cake, and you would probably assume it's useless in a combat setting. But Katakuri finds a way to use this unique power to his advantage, much like Luffy does with his Gum-Gum Fruit.

    Katakuri can use this power to capture, trap, and block, which comes in handy against powerful foes.

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