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13 Super-Underrated Devil Fruit Powers in 'One Piece'

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The world of One Piece is stunning, and it offers audiences the visual splendor of supernatural abilities. These powers are unbelievable, and they help to flesh out the world while adding some panache to the animation style. 

Although there are several incredible innate talents held by the heroes and villains of One Piece, there's one kind of power that will always reign supreme: Devil Fruit powers. Devil Fruit vary in appearance, and they all offer a unique and destructive ability. Though these powers are beloved, some seem to fly under the radar more than others.

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    The Rumble-Rumble Fruit Allows Enel To Control Lightning

    The Rumble-Rumble Fruit appears in the Skypiea Arc. The fruit grants Enel the power to generate lightning at will. He primarily uses this to trick the people of Skypiea into thinking he's a god. It's hard to blame the citizens for falling for his ruse considering the power of lightning.

    Even Robin claims this Devil Fruit is considered "invincible."

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  • The Gas-Gas Fruit is very useful, especially in the Whole Cake Island Arc, in which Caesar Clown is crucial in taking down Big Mom. This Devil Fruit lets its user create, manipulate, and turn into gas, which Caesar often does.

    The user can even create poisonous gas, which can easily defeat an opponent.

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  • The Plume-Plume Fruit (also known as Smoke-Smoke Fruit) is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create, control, and turn into smoke. Appropriately, the current user of this fruit is Smoker. The best part about this particular fruit is it's hard for the user to take damage.

    With Smoker, whenever he gets hit, he can simply turn the affected area into smoke to avoid further harm.

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  • Everyone loves Brook, but we need to appreciate his Devil Fruit a little more; it's the reason he's able to be a Straw Hat in the first place. The Revive-Revive Fruit allows its user to come back after they first lose their life, which is how the series introduces the fun musician.

    This fruit not only enhances the user's soul, but it also lets them use soul-based abilities.

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