Underrated Ethan Hawke Roles, Ranked

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Ethan Hawke is the absolute best. He's been turning in solid performances since the 1980s in everything from period dramas to pulpy horror movies, and he always performs like he's gunning for an Academy Award. One of the problems with being so consistently fantastic is that many of Hawke's best roles have gone unnoticed.

Some of Hawke's best-known roles, such as Jesse in the Before Sunrise trilogy, remain underrated because it seems as though he's not even acting. His craft is more on display in films like The Purge or The Black Phone, where it's clear he's not a serial killer or a guy locked inside his house during a one-night crime-a-thon, but even in those films, Hawke is going above and beyond expectations.

All of the following roles played by Hawke are underrated - but which are his best?