16 Performances That Prove Gary Oldman Is Hollywood’s Greatest Shapeshifter

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Few performers have had such a versatile career as Gary Oldman. Children know him as the Sirius Black actor from the Harry Potter franchise, but adults are familiar with the breadth of his work, much of which has been in more mature fare. He's a true chameleon, changing his look from role to role. Gary Oldman as Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula looks much different than Gary Oldman as Drexl Spivey in True Romance. Sometimes, he doesn't look like himself at all. In Hannibal, the actor is buried underneath makeup that renders him unrecognizable, while his Oscar-winning turn in Darkest Hour turns him into a doppelganger for Winston Churchill.

Aside from his admirable chameleonic quality, Oldman has gone through an interesting career shift over time. In his earliest roles, such as Sid and Nancy and Prick Up Your Ears, he was viewed as a prodigiously talented performer who had an air of danger. There was a rawness and an unpredictability about him. Years of solid performances have morphed him into a veteran respected by peers whose sheer presence can help provide substance to mainstream pop culture franchises like the Planet of the Apes series or Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. 

Over the past few decades, Oldman has continued to surprise and delight audiences with the boundless creativity he brings to every role he tackles. Whether you prefer the edgy young Oldman or the seasoned veteran, a closer look at his most important roles demonstrates just how extraordinary he is.