Underrated Final Girls In Horror Movies That Deserve More Recognition

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The final girl movie trope is long-standing horror tradition. Most people think of characters such as Laurie Strode (Halloween), Nancy Thompson (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Ellen Ripley (Alien), and Sidney Prescott (Scream) when asked about their favorite final girls from horror movies. Although all these women are fine choices, there are plenty of other final girls who have been vastly overlooked and deserve their due recognition.

In fact, many of these characters survive situations that are far more horrific than those faced by the previously mentioned horror movie final girls, and they do it without resorting to terrible genre trends. Whether they're enduring surgical torture, brutal captivity, demon-stalking, or the wrath of an urban legend brought to life, these women encapsulate everything about this empowering horror movie trope. They're survivors, even if they endure a lot to get to the movie's end, and they offer hope to audience members.

After years of seeing women as the usual victims onscreen, watching these unassuming girls rise up against their cinematic monsters is like a badass pep talk to rev any woman up to take on the more practical monsters of the world. Read on and be inspired by these horror movie final girls you may have overlooked.  

Photo: flickr / CC0