The Most Underrated Horror Movies Of 2022

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The year of 2022 was home to some pretty major horror releases, including titles such as Nope, Smile, Hellraiser, Barbarian, X, Pearl, Terrifier 2, Scream, Halloween Ends, and more. But it also saw the release of countless underrated horror films - lesser-known titles that may have flown under a lot of people's radars, even though they deserve every bit as much attention as their more-popular peers. 

From festival favorites to streaming-only releases, some of these films just didn't get the audience they deserved, while others got passed over by studios that didn't know what to do with them, or have been steadily building word of mouth from those who did catch them. Whatever the case, these underrated horror films are ones no fan of the macabre should miss.

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    A disgraced internet personality attempts to win back his audience (and his sponsors) by spending the night in a very haunted house in this splatstick horror comedy that angles to capture that Evil Dead energy.

    While some viewers found the main character too grating, most embraced the film's absurd, low-rent aesthetic - and even for those who hated the movie, it's hard to deny the effectiveness of its dime-store ghouls, which are creepier for their haphazard construction than if they were more expensive.

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    You don't have to do anything particularly new if you do it well. That's the lesson brought to us by Chloe Okuno's Watcher, a woman-in-peril film starring modern-day scream queen Maika Monroe.

    Monroe plays an actress who recently moved to Bucharest and finds that a man across the street is stalking her, even while a serial killer is decapitating women throughout the city. What follows is all very familiar, but the tension is undeniable as Okuno and Monroe work together to put the screws to the audience in scene after scene.

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    This religious horror flick from Poland dropped onto Netflix without much fanfare just before Halloween, but its story of a cop who goes undercover at a sinister monastery has a slow-burn creep factor that shouldn't be missed - especially since it also goes some pretty wild places in its final stretches.

    Even if you don't have much patience for the usual exorcism trappings anymore, try sticking it out to see the wild swings this flick takes toward the end.

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    This creepy Taiwanese found-footage flick inspired a viral TikTok challenge when it hit Netflix, but those who missed the challenge may have never heard of this skin-crawling supernatural thriller. It follows a woman who, with some friends, violates the taboos of a strange village by recording one of their religious services. From there, things take a very unpleasant turn for all involved.

    The TikTok challenge may have tasked viewers with finishing the whole movie without pausing or skipping scenes, but horror buffs probably won't have any problem enjoying something so unsettling.

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    Winner of the Melies d'Or at the Sitges Film Festival, this horror flick set in rural Spain follows a teenage girl who is bullied about her weight and who must decide what to do when she sees her tormenters being abducted.

    Adapted from the short film of the same name, both from director Carlota Pereda, Variety wrote that the film “sits at an unexpected intersection of artistic sensibilities, first recalling Catherine Breillat, then Brian De Palma, before taking a deep, bloody plunge into grindhouse territory.”

    In spite of high critical praise, however, Piggy got only a limited theatrical run in the States, and many people still haven't even heard of this harrowing feature.

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    A slasher deconstruction tinged with social media commentary that takes aim at influencer culture may sound like an awful lot of buzz words, but this Shudder original pulls it all together with the help of some good gore and a dynamite central performance from Aisha Dee, who plays a social media self-help guru with some serious baggage of her own.

    When she reconnects with a childhood friend and is invited to a bachelorette party in an isolated cabin, things take a turn for the worse as she finds herself confronting a bully from her past in this vicious and often funny flick.