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17 Underrated Jutsu from Naruto That Don't Get Enough Credit

Updated July 24, 2020 16.4k votes 2.5k voters 52.5k views17 items

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The world of Naruto is filled with incredibly awesome ninjutsu. From Kakashi's lightning-filled Chidori, to the dastardly perverted Sexy no Jutsu, there's no shortage of imaginative jutsu in the Shonen Jump anime series. On the contrary, with so many amazing jutsu, it's easy to neglect some of the less famous techniques, even if they're super powerful. This is especially true with characters who only make a brief appearance in the long-running series. 

Many of the underrated jutsu from Naruto are just as amazing as the protagonists' signature moves, and some are arguably more creative and powerful. In a few cases, a jutsu will only be unleashed once, but its effects are still incredibly memorable. 

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    It's pretty common to see anime villains use hypnosis powers, but the Kotoamatsukami amounts to more than swinging a pocket watch back and forth in a memorizing way. The Kotoamatsukami is a near-perfect manipulation ninjutsu that makes its victims believe that they are operating under their own free will, whereas in reality they're being controlled by the technique's user. It's a frightening ninjutsu because the victims have no idea that they're being manipulated, since Kotoamatsukami fills their heads with false memories. 

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    Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder

    Never incite the wrath of a goddess. While the spirit known as the Thousand-Armed Kannon is usually calm and peaceful, she will come at you with 1000 spirit fists if she's provoked. The Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder is considered to be the ultimate technique of the Fire Temple, and this spiritual ninjutsu delivers a godly smackdown to unsuspecting foes. 

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    Body Pathway Derangement

    It's surprising that a high-level ninjutsu like the Body Pathway Derangement has roots in medicinal concepts. By giving her own chakra electric properties, Tsunade can pour her chakra into her enemy's nervous system by striking them, rearranging signals that control things like walking and moving around.

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    Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder

    Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder is a deadly fireball-based ninjutsu performed by Pakura. The fireballs that surround Pakura's body act as miniature suns that can evaporate her enemies. Anyone unlucky enough to touch one of these fireballs will have all the moisture boiled out of their body, which leaves them mummified. 

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