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15 Underrated Keanu Reeves Performances That Remind Us Why We Love Him

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Upon first thought, it's hard to believe there are underrated Keanu Reeves movies. After all, he's had a slew of massive hits, from Speed to The Matrix to the Bill & Ted and John Wick franchises. Like most actors who have been consistently employed for almost four decades, though, he's also had his share of films that made a smaller footprint. No one hits a home run every time out. Fortunately, these pictures give us a chance to go back and rediscover some of Reeves's most noteworthy work. 

What makes these performances and the films that contain them underrated? Some came out at times when the competition was stiff, making it hard for them to gain traction at the box office. Others are small, independent productions that didn't have huge advertising budgets or massive hype machines. One or two feature him in a supporting role, rather than a lead, so they're not necessarily viewed as a "Keanu Reeves movie." And then there are those that simply weren't well-regarded at the time yet play a little differently in retrospect. Is every title here a masterpiece? Certainly not, although Reeves is good in all of them, and they all offer at least a little bit of fun.

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