16 Underrated Matt Damon Performances That Remind Us Why We Love Him

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Matt Damon went from working actor to superstar in 1997 when Good Will Hunting became both a box office smash and a serious awards contender. He's been ubiquitous on screen ever since. One look at his resume reveals just how many significant films he's been a part of - Saving Private Ryan, The Departed, The Martian, the Ocean's, and Bourne franchises. The level of success he's had is seriously impressive.

Of course, when you work as often as Damon does, some movies fall through the cracks. Other times, good films just get kind of pushed aside by the ones that turned into blockbusters. What follows are some underrated Matt Damon performances. In this case, "underrated" refers to work he's done that isn't talked about to the same degree as what he did playing Will Hunting or Jason Bourne. Several of these pictures were hits, but he still didn't get the credit he deserved. Others are movies that didn't catch on for whatever reason. Either way, he's terrific in all of them.

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