14 Underrated Performances By Matthew Lillard, An Underrated Actor

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Vote up the roles in which Matthew Lillard proved he's a scene-stealing actor of charisma, energy, and nuance.

Most people first remember seeing Matthew Lillard in Scream, Scooby-Doo, or SLC Punk!, but he's also appeared in a number of teen comedies. He grew up in front of the camera and came out on the other side as a fine character actor, taking on roles of all kinds and of his choosing. His eclectic tastes and well-rounded performance chops bring a little something extra to each character he plays, and more often than not, it's hard to look away when he's onscreen. 

No matter who he becomes - from a ruthless French colonialist to an undercover cop posing as a club owner - he brings realism and likeability to every role, and his oddball eccentricity always keeps us coming back for more. Check out a few of his standout characters, and vote up the ones that you think deserve more appreciation.