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Quiet Moments In The MCU That Are Wildly Underappreciated

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If there's one thing everyone can agree on about the MCU, it's that the films and television shows that make it up are filled with action. These are superhero movies, so action is pretty much the name of the game, but that's not all these films have to offer. There are plenty of quiet moments offering important looks at the characters' motivations, and they shouldn't be discounted, as they also make these movies amazing.

This list looks at some of the quieter moments of the MCU. They feature important moments between characters that can pull a tear from the hardest fans' eyes. Take a look at them below, and make sure to upvote your favorite quiet moments in the MCU that are wildly underappreciated.

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    The Avengers (Attepmpt To) Lift Mjolnir After The Party

    As the party is winding down, the Avengers take their turn trying to lift Mjolnir. It's a fun scene, and the best moment comes when Steve clearly moves the hammer. It turns out, he could have lifted it, but chose not to so he could protect Thor's pride.

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    Loki Watches His Life And Death

    As Loki views the course of his life in the TVA, he sees how his mother perished, and it utterly breaks him. His reaction to this and seeing his own demise is heartbreaking and helps to show the God of Mischief that his actions have consequences.

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    Killmonger Speaks To His Father On The Ancestral Plane

    After Erik Killmonger ingests the Heart-Shaped Herb, he walks the Ancestral Plane, where he speaks to his father. The scene is stark and poignant, as it places him back inside his old apartment where his father perished.

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    Peter & Gamora Dance... Almost

    Peter's introduction of music to Gamora is an incredibly important scene between the two characters. He opens up with something he utterly loves, and for a moment, she is receptive... if only for a moment.