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Underrated MCU Villain Quotes That Actually Make A Good Point

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Have you ever sat down to watch an MCU film and thought that the villains had a good point? That's not just your penchant for villainy; those movies had some pretty good dialogue, and a lot of it was spoken by the bad guys. Granted, not every villain in the MCU said the best thing every time they opened their mouths, but when they did say something truly compelling, it made an impact.

This list looks at some of the underrated MCU villain quotes that actually make a good point from the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take a look at them below, and be sure to vote up the ones that made you think, "That bad guy had a really good point..."

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    Vutlure Knows His Place In The World And He's Not Happy About It

    The Vulture is a sympathetic character, as he was royally screwed when the government kicked him out of a lucrative contract. With little else to do, he used the salvage he'd already recovered to make some money for himself and his crew. Ultimately, he became corrupted by this, and turned into a villain, but his quote shows how he felt about his place in the world, and he's not wrong.

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    Kaecilius' Dismissal Of Good And Evil, Favoring Time's Wrath Is An Age-Old Story

    While people are quibbling over the nature of good vs. evil, Kaecilius has essentially given up his fate to time, which, as he puts it, "Kills everything." This is an age-old dilemma, which is absolutely true, but by grasping that ideology, he manages to brush away his sway towards evil in a way that proves he wasn't able to be on the side of good.

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    Erik Killmonger's Last Words Are Among His Most Important

    Black Panther is a powerful superhero for the Black community worldwide, and his first major villain, Erik Killmonger, managed to be one too despite being a bad guy. His final words, asking not to be buried in his homeland of Wakanda, were added via Michael B. Jordan's suggestion, as they weren't originally in the script, and they are, in a word, poignant. 

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    Aldrich Killian's Motivations Are Bred From His Failures

    Aldrich Killian saw himself as a failure in the past, and he used that to stand himself up. His quote has a great deal of meaning to him personally, as he's clearly based his life on these words. It's also a profound saying, and most people would agree that it's only through failure that a person can rise up to become something far greater than what they were before.

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