Underrated Gangster Movies That Aren't About The Mafia

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When you think about gangster movies, what titles come to mind? Probably The Godfather and Goodfellas, and possibly the more recent The Irishman. Those films and many others specifically focus on the Italian Mafia. Dozens and dozens of films have dealt with that world over the decades. Some are classics, like the aforementioned titles, others less so.

The Italian mob isn't the only one in the world, though, nor is it the only one depicted on-screen. Irish mob movies like The Departed and Black Mass, and yakuza movies like Onimasa and Battles Without Honor and Humanity have gained prominent recognition. If you've seen those classics but still have a hankering for a good gangster movie that isn't about the traditional Mafia, the following underrated titles will fit the bill. In each case, they deliver plenty of entertainment. Several of them even have elements that are true to life in terms of the milieu they're portraying. All of them are worth taking a chance on.

Which of these gangster movies that isn't about the Mafia is the most effective? Vote for your favorites.