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20 Great Modern Anime That Probably Flew Under Your Radar

February 4, 2021 2.2k votes 506 voters 17.2k views20 items

For the past five years, the anime world has been dishing out hit after hit. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying popular shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket and Demon Slayer, sometimes it's good to give lesser-known series a chance. You never know, you could find a new favorite! That's why for this list, we're looking at underrated modern anime from the past five years. 

We've collected anime from all genres, so there's something for everyone. Some of our picks are underrated shonen anime like Darwin's Game, which takes viewers through a high-octane survival game. Others are seinen anime like Pet, which deals with people who commit crimes by entering other peoples' minds and altering their memories. There's comedy like Zombieland Saga, which features an idol group composed of zombie girls. Then there's romance like Bloom Into You, a coming of age tale about two girls with very different personalities falling in love. There's...whatever Planet With is. 

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    BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense

    Kaede Honjou isn't a gamer, but when her friend asks her to try out a VRMMO called New World Online, she decides to give it a go. Afraid of getting hurt and not entirely sure how to play the game, she puts all of her points into defense. You'd think this would make the game unplayable, but it turns out that there's a lot more to defense than there appears. 

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    Darwin's Game

    Darwin's Game
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    Kaname Sudou thinks that he's just playing a phone game, but when a snake pops out of the game and bites him, that notion is proven wrong. Soon, he's locked in a survival game with mortal consequences - will he make it out alive? 

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  • In/Spectre
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    Kotoko Iwanaga is a "God of Wisdom" - that is, a person who solves problems for yokai. In exchange for supernatural powers, she gave up her leg and her eye. Until she meets Kurou Sakuragawa, she's always handled these yokai issues on her own. That changes when she meets Kurou Sakuragawa, a human with a threatening aura who may have some otherworldly powers of his own. Kurou doesn't want anything to do with Kotoko, but she decides he's her boyfriend, and he doesn't want to let her fight dangerous spirits alone, so the two team up. 

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    In the world of Deca-Dence, lifeforms called Gadoll have driven humanity into the mobile fortress that the series is named for. But the fortress defenses aren't enough - they also have to fight the Gadoll. Gears are superior fighters to handle the front lines, while Tankers provide support from the back. Confined to a support role due in part to her prosthetic arm, Natsume longs to join the front lines. When her superior Kaburagi notices her potential, he decides to help her find a way to achieve her dreams.

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