20 Underrated Modern Manga You Should Definitely Read

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Are you tired of asking for manga recommendations and getting back series that you already know about? While popular manga can be wonderful, sometimes you want to read something that's fresh and new. With that in mind, we're bringing you some underrated modern manga that you may not already know about.

For romance fans, there's A Sign of Affection, a story about a Deaf college girl falling in love. Love high-octane, action-packed stories that are weird as hell? Dai Dark follows a kid whose cursed bones make him a target for everyone in the galaxy. Want something cute and family-oriented? Try I Think Our Son Is Gay, a manga about a young mother waiting for her son to come out so that she can support him. Hopefully, you'll find something on this list that speaks to you.

Most divisive: Red Flowers

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    Sakamoto Days

    Sakamoto Days
    Photo: Sakamoto Days / Viz Media

    Few would suspect that Taro Sakamoto, an ordinary-seeming husband, father, and shopkeeper, was once a world-famous hitman. 

    He'd hoped to leave his past behind and leave a peaceful, normal life, but unfortunately for him, that's not possible. If he doesn't reprise his old career, he'll become a target. But his reluctance to do the job isn't the only problem - he's also totally out of shape, and totally out of practice. 

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    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

    Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
    Photo: Frieren: Beyond Journey's End / Viz Media

    After defeating the demon lord, a group consisting of several humans and one elf, the group starts preparing to say goodbye and go back to their normal lives. Elves live much longer than humans do, so as time passes Frieren is the only adventurer left. 

    Before one of her companions expires, he leaves her in charge of a young apprentice named Fern. Frieren and Fern begin traveling together, collecting magic spells and revisiting the places where Frieren once adventured with her companions. Along the way, she must come to terms with the ways in which she failed to connect with her human companions before they passed away. 

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    Photo: Dandadan / Viz Media

    Do you believe in aliens? What about ghosts? Ken Takakura is sure that ghosts aren't real, but he believes strongly in extraterrestrial life. Momo Ayase thinks aliens are pretty far-fetched, but there's no doubt in her mind that ghosts exist. 

    The two set about trying to prove their own versions of reality, but reality has its own ideas. The truth exceeds anything either of them imagined. 

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    Photo: Mashle / Viz Media

    If your favorite character from Naruto is Rock Lee, Mashle might be right up your alley. In a world where magic rules, Mash Burnedead was born with no ability to use magic at all. 

    Despite this disadvantage, he decides to enroll in Easton Magic Academy in the hopes of becoming a Divine Visionary. Instead of using magic, he plans to accomplish all his goals through muscle power.

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    Witch Hat Atelier

    Witch Hat Atelier
    Photo: Witch Hat Atelier / Kodansha Comics

    This beautifully drawn manga is a must-read for fans of Studio Ghibli. It follows Coco, a young girl who wants to be a witch more than anything in the world. Everyone tells her that her dreams are impossible. Witches are born, not made, and Coco was born without magical potential. She's about to give up on her dreams when she meets Qifrey, a traveling magician who does magic using methods Coco has never seen before. 

    What she thought she knew about magic isn't the whole story, and there may be a way to make her dreams come true after all. 

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    Dai Dark

    Dai Dark
    Photo: Dai Dark / Seven Seas Entertainment

    From the creator of Dorohedoro comes an equally off-the-wall manga, Dai Dark. Zaha Sanko is an ordinary teenager, except for one thing - his bones are cursed to grant the wishes of anyone who possesses them. Sounds cool, except that means that he has enemies all over the galaxy trying to tear his skeleton out of his body. 

    With help from an actual skeleton named Avakian, he tries to figure out how this mess got started, and what he can do to stop it. 


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