16 Underrated Movies About Getting Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere

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If you've ever gotten lost in the middle of nowhere, you know what an unnerving experience it can be. Filmmakers love to take that idea as far as it can go, not only stranding characters far from society, but also surrounding them with unfathomable dangers. The effect frequently works because it taps into something we can all relate to, even if we haven't been surrounded by sharks, left adrift at sea, or abandoned on another planet.

The characters in the following movies, however, have been through that sort of trauma. Plane crashes figure into several of these underrated movies, as do wild animals of various sorts. By nature, a few have very small casts, as they choose to plunge the audience into the scenario right along with the protagonists. Whatever the situation, if you've already seen the "classics" like Deliverance and Cast Away, check out some of these other pictures dealing with similar subject matter. You'll be glad you did, even as you grip the armrests of your seat.

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