The Most Underrated Netflix Original Horror Movies

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Vote up the Netflix movies with legit horror cred.

You wouldn't know it without doing some digging, but Netflix has a killer selection of original horror movies that are completely underrated. The massive streamer has been distributing and producing their own fantastic horror movies for years, but you wouldn't notice unless you made a point to comb through their selection of homemade films.

Every single one of these underrated horror movies can be found on Netflix, and they're all worth your time. Whether you're looking for a horror-comedy to lighten the mood or something intense that will keep you up at night, the massive streamer has something to offer. 

The following Netflix original horror films are scary, imaginative, and completely unique. It's up to you to let us know which one of them has the most horror cred.

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    The Fear Street Trilogy

    The Fear Street Trilogy
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    The Fear Street Trilogy may be adapted from a YA series, but it's one of the most high-concept collections of horror movies on the streaming platform. Initially announced in 2015, when the series was finally released in 2021, it was marketed directly towards fans of Stranger Things and Locke & Key, but it's so much more than a teen horror franchise.

    Full of audacious swings, the Fear Street films tell one story across three timelines and dozens of intertwined characters, all while using a variety of horror tropes that change from one film to the next. There are exorcisms, monsters, slashers, witches, blood curses, and pretty much everything else you can think of in this series, so there's something for everyone here. For whatever reason, this criminally underrated series flew under the radar with a lot of horror fans, but it's well worth your time - especially if you've been looking for a longer story to sink your fangs into.

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    Mike Flanagan has made more than a few underrated bangers in his time, but Hush is his most devastatingly simple, and horrifying, film that's only on Netflix. The film centers on deaf horror author Maddie Young as she fights for survival after encountering a creep in the middle of nowhere.

    Much of Flanagan's work is about family and generational trauma, and while that's definitely baked into Hush, his focus here is delivering a fast-paced adult take on Home Alone. If Hush had been released in theaters, it would have been celebrated as the tense nail-biter that it is, but instead, the film was sent straight to streaming and a lot of horror fans missed it. Thankfully, this bad boy isn't going anywhere, and you can stream it whenever you like.

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    The Ritual
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    The Ritual might be the one Netflix horror movie that's been the most slept on in the history of the streaming service. When a group of guys goes into the woods for a lad's hiking holiday in Sweden, they find themselves unwittingly participating in a local immortality ritual that requires their blood. This classic setup is part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Deliverance, part Midsommar, but it feels wholly unique.

    Everything in this movie is firing on all cylinders, which is why it's such a shame so few people have seen it. If you're a fan of folk horror, trolls, and groups of friends getting in over their heads, you've got to check out this seriously freaky Netflix original.

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    Gerald’s Game
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    Watching Gerald's Game is like watching a frog in boiling water. Carla Gugino plays Jesse Burlingame, a woman who spends most of the film's runtime handcuffed to a bed while her dead husband both lies on the floor and menaces her with an occasional spectral I-told-you-so. When Jesse and her husband arrive at their isolated cabin for some light BDSM, she has no idea that the next few days are going to be spent fighting for her life, and that's what makes this such a fun viewing experience.

    It may sound like Gerald's Game is a slow burn, but it's really not. Director Mike Flanagan wrenches out every drop of tension from the film's premise (based on a novel by Stephen King) that's possible, and if you've seen Haunting of Hill House, then prepare yourself for some of his patented tall, skinny, creepy guys to show up. The image for this film may not look especially scary when you're scrolling through Netflix, but rest assured, it'll make you think twice about handcuffing yourself to a bed without a cellphone within arm's reach.

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    The Perfection

    The Perfection
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    Whatever you think The Perfection is - it's not. Part murder mystery, part gross-out horror movie, and 100% campy and subversive. Following a young cellist as she enters into a complicated relationship with another cello savant, the film devolves into brutal body horror, revenge, and an exploration of trauma that works way better than you might expect out of a bloody, little movie.

    If you're aware of this movie and haven't checked it out, it's likely because of the inclusion of Alison Williams or its uninformative marketing campaign. Trust us, you want to go into The Perfection knowing as little as possible. By the end of the film, you won't know what hit you. 

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    It's honestly crazy that more people haven't seen this weird horror movie from Gareth Evans. The director eschews his usual kinetic style (as seen in The Raid and The Raid 2) for a more surreal style of filmmaking that will leave viewers scratching their heads. More similar to the original Wicker Man film than anything in Evans's filmography, Apostle concerns a man invading a cult to save a young woman before everything goes wrong.

    Intense and weird, Apostle will absolutely flip your wig, so make sure you go into the film knowing as little about it as you can. There are twists and turns - along with super gross visuals that will keep you out of the countryside for the foreseeable future.

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