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20 Underrated Movies That Prove Comic Books Aren't Just About Superheroes

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There is no denying the impact superhero films have had on the film industry in the last two decades, but these are not the only narratives to find their origins in the pages of comic books. Though rarely receiving the same attention or success as the movies of the MCU or DCEU, these underrated non-superhero comic book adaptations are worth a closer look. With some that are fantasy-based and others dedicated to a more realistic depiction of life, these narratives cover a broad number of topics and approaches, all with roots in comic books.

If film is a visual medium, why not choose a source material with a graphic representation of the narrative? Whether taking inspiration from comic books, graphic novels, or manga, these films are all adapted from publications where illustrations are utilized to help tell the story. And they do this without involving heroes created from radioactive insects, born out of scientific experimentation, or native to alien worlds.

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