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The Most Underrated PlayStation 2 Games That Deserve More Attention

Updated September 25, 2020 1.6k votes 287 voters 10.1k views33 items

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The PlayStation 2 will go down as one of the best consoles ever made, not only as one of the all-time best-sellers to this day, but also because of its legacy in terms of the quality of games it had in its library. From stealth adventures to 3D platformers to JRPGs and more, the PS2 has dozens of classics and hidden gems that gamers are still playing decades later. What are your picks for the most underrated PS2 games of all time? 

Many of the titles are still well known, as they began or continued on a now popular franchise, but there are plenty of others that deserve a little bit more love. From cult classics like Ōkami to action-adventure games like Red Dead Revolver, the PS2 had an amazing library.

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