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The 18 Most Underrated Quirks From 'My Hero Academia'

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In My Hero Academia, heroes are defined by their actions, not the brute strength associated with their powers (or quirks, as the show calls them). While the main characters typically exhibit the more incredible abilities, underrated skills tend to get lost in the shuffle. Many of these quirks are more useful than visually impressive. 

Edgeshot's Foldabody allows him to make his body so sharp that it can cut like a sword, or so thin that he can slip through cracks, all at the speed of sound. While it's easy to see why this quirk is incredible, Edgeshot himself is pretty forgettable. Other underrated quirks have uses that may not seem immediately obvious – Shoji Mezo's Dupli-Arms can do a whole lot more than hold four coffee mugs at once.

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    Confession - Shin Nemoto

    Using Confession, Shin Nemoto can force anyone he touches to answer a question truthfully. He uses this to learn about the motives and secrets of both his enemies and his allies. This helps him determine how to defeat his foes, psychologically torment them as he deems necessary, and gather information from them, while ascertaining who he can trust.

    It's an impressive ability to definitively prove key information without the need for deduction or guesswork. 

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    Telepath - Mandalay

    Mandalay, one of the members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, possesses the quirk, Telepath. She's able to communicate with multiple people through thought. This is a perfect quirk for reconnaissance or rescue missions as she can send necessary information to others without the enemy's knowledge. Plus, she can use her telepathy to distract and lower the guards of her opponents. 

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    Fat Absorption - Fat Gum

    When Fat Gum was first introduced, no one expected his quirk to be so versatile. His quirk, Fat Absorption, is a perfect defense against opponents as it protects him from attack-heavy quirks, blades, and bullets. It also allows him to make any object or person sink into his body fat upon contact. But the coolest part about his quirk is that he can convert his stored fat and trade it for offensive muscles. While it leaves him defenseless, it gives him enhanced strength and power. He was able to defeat Rappa's powerful punches with this strength. 

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    Earphone Jack - Kyoka Jiro

    Earphone Jack is a unique quirk that allows Jiro to use protrusions from her ears as hearing devices (or more colloquially, earphone jacks). She can use these to plug into any solid object, amplifying sound so she can hear what’s going on in places she might otherwise be excluded from.

    This saves her a bundle of money on headphones, and it also makes her one of the best spies in the My Hero Academia universe. Jiro doesn’t have to be in the same room as the person she’s listening in on, which means she can stay safe while undercover. What’s more, she can wield her earphone jacks as electrified whips, making them a powerful offensive tool. 

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